Experience and the illusion

Just like the experiences you are having are fleeting moments being lived by you, the observer, so is this life that you are living a fleeting moment being experienced by Source. Your thoughts and sensations, your feelings and your experiences in your world, all of this is being lived and experienced through the person you are existing as, and observed by your soul. Your soul, … Continue reading Experience and the illusion

Did changing my limiting beliefs make me sick?

To go from putting others first to putting yourself first can be hard. You have decades of training and brainwashing behind you. There is a certain momentum behind your ideas and thoughts. A heavy habit of seeing yourself in a certain way. It takes time and effort to change this, and even trying to change your habits is taxing on a body that is already … Continue reading Did changing my limiting beliefs make me sick?

Manifesting without money

In a way everything in your reality is directly manifested. Everything is the same energy, and everything is brought into existence through your intentions. Many things in your reality you believe must come from money. You have this idea of money as a tool. You believe you must have numbers in your bank account (another number) or you must have paper in your pocket, and … Continue reading Manifesting without money