The illusion of control and the fear it creates

Letting go of your illusions can be difficult. And fearful.You have never been more in control of your experience than you are now. Awareness is control. Allowing is control. You only thought you were in control when you were living in the dark. The illusion of being in control made life livable despite a great deal of fear within you. Now you must be courageous … Continue reading The illusion of control and the fear it creates

The distance between who we are now, and who we really are

Picture that who you really are is someone sitting on the sofa, watching a movie. The movie is your life, your reality, and the main character is the role you play in this life, who you believe you are. So the real you is the observer. What you’re sensing is that it’s someone far far behind, it’s someone back in the shades. You’re sensing that, … Continue reading The distance between who we are now, and who we really are

Is there a vibration to words?

The word love holds its own vibration. That is the vibration that is unique, that comes from the letters and the word, how it’s pronounced. Then there is the vibration of love energy, that is also infused in the word love. Then there is the vibration that comes from millennia of years when people have been saying that word, like a mantra. That is another … Continue reading Is there a vibration to words?

The value of appreciation

Oh! I have been receiving all kinds of appreciation, and yet I still believe appreciation is only proven through money! There you go! You believe that words are empty, but money shows the real love and appreciation. When people give from their hearts and share their feelings with you, telling you how amazing they think you are, you disregard it. You disregard the abundance of … Continue reading The value of appreciation

Experience and the illusion

Just like the experiences you are having are fleeting moments being lived by you, the observer, so is this life that you are living a fleeting moment being experienced by Source. Your thoughts and sensations, your feelings and your experiences in your world, all of this is being lived and experienced through the person you are existing as, and observed by your soul. Your soul, … Continue reading Experience and the illusion