The twisted path to your desired manifestation

How do I change my body? Through your thoughts. When you believe there is something that needs to change, you are creating resistance. Through resistance you are not allowing in this very change. You are creating a standoff that resists the change you desire. Change must come from acceptance. Change must come from a place of love. Your thoughts and beliefs dictate your reality. Your … Continue reading The twisted path to your desired manifestation

Is «feeling good» the same as trying to control my manifestation?

Q: I hear over and over that this is a feeling Universe/reality and the key to manifesting one’s  desires is to  “feel” good as much and as often as you can.  However, our spiritual leaders warn that if you set the intention to “feel good” in order to realize your desires; you are actually trying to control the conditions and you will block that which … Continue reading Is «feeling good» the same as trying to control my manifestation?

The identity that creates your dream life

It is a wonderful thing to be focused on your feelings, and also the feelings of fear. What is not helpful is when you create an identity for yourself based on those feelings. It is not helpful to create an identity at all, but even less so when this identity is built around what you perceive as a negative trait in your personality. Your ability … Continue reading The identity that creates your dream life

The process of manifestation

How specific or general do I go when manifesting my desires? When you manifest, when you create, you do so from your vibration. Your vibration is made up of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings, and your desires and fears. When you desire something there is usually a mental image of that thing or situation. That is fine. However, the important thing is how this … Continue reading The process of manifestation

Manifesting without money

In a way everything in your reality is directly manifested. Everything is the same energy, and everything is brought into existence through your intentions. Many things in your reality you believe must come from money. You have this idea of money as a tool. You believe you must have numbers in your bank account (another number) or you must have paper in your pocket, and … Continue reading Manifesting without money