The value of appreciation

Oh! I have been receiving all kinds of appreciation, and yet I still believe appreciation is only proven through money! There you go! You believe that words are empty, but money shows the real love and appreciation. When people give from their hearts and share their feelings with you, telling you how amazing they think you are, you disregard it. You disregard the abundance of … Continue reading The value of appreciation

Manifesting without money

In a way everything in your reality is directly manifested. Everything is the same energy, and everything is brought into existence through your intentions. Many things in your reality you believe must come from money. You have this idea of money as a tool. You believe you must have numbers in your bank account (another number) or you must have paper in your pocket, and … Continue reading Manifesting without money

The balance of giving and receiving

There is a natural balance in the relationship of giving and receiving. Just like balance between action and stillness, the student and the teacher. There is a balance, and when that balance is disturbed it creates a disconnection of the natural order. If you give when you have nothing left, you disturb that balance. If you take and take and take without giving anything back, … Continue reading The balance of giving and receiving