The explorer of the beyond

If you wish to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, you must let go of those dreams. The dreams of today, and of your past, is built on old vibration. They were created from yesterdays vibration, and that vibration is quickly outdated. What you can reach from your place today is much more than yesterday, and far wider a field then you can envision. … Continue reading The explorer of the beyond

Surrendering into the Divine Plan

When you are being guided by the Divine plan you are following the path of your inner being. Your inner being knows more than you do, about where you want to go and how to get there. Your inner being wishes to guide you to the easiest and most joy-filled path available to you. But you resist. You resist out of fear, trying to control … Continue reading Surrendering into the Divine Plan

Am I deserving of love?

Who decides what you deserve? Who judges and decides what anyone deserves? What does it mean to deserve something? To deserve must mean to have earned it. Everyone will have different expectations of who you should be. Everyone will judge you differently, depending on their own rules and their own fears. This means it is literally impossible to live up to any ideal in order … Continue reading Am I deserving of love?