Be kind to your bodies. We are here to help you but we cannot do it for you, we cannot force you. Free will is a part of this human experience, so we must allow for you to ignore the messages and do what is not helpful to you… we must allow it, but we now ask you to take care. Your bodies are being changed, your mind is struggling, and your outer conditions are changing. This is taking its toll on the body. You are receiving these messages from many sources, yet you do not take heed, do you? We ask you again, please take care of your human vessel. So many on the spiritual path seeks to ignore and abandon the body, but the body is necessary for your continuation, and furthermore it is a tool for great experiences, particularly delightful and pleasant and even ecstatic experiences and expressions of who you are. Do not deny your body your attention and love, do not make it wrong for acting out or not acting as you wish. Your body is here to guide you through this ascension process, and will alert you as to when you need to slow down and relax. Your body is here to guide you to feel your emotions, it will let you know without a doubt when there is resistance, and it also tells you when you are on the right path. Listen, please, beloveds, listen to the wisdom of the body!

When you constantly focus on the wrongness of the body, either for not looking or feeling the way you want it to, or for not performing as you like, you are limiting your own expression. The body is a continuous and very direct expression of who you are being right at this moment, and it is very important in your relations and connections to the outside world. How many of you have tried communicating without a face or a brain? Very few, we reckon… Use your body for hugs, for lovemaking, for laughing, and for taking walks. Use your body for pleasure, for release of negative thoughts, for support for a soulmate. Take care of your body and make sure you give it love as you do for other manifestations in your surroundings. How many of you love your car and take diligently care of it, but ignore your body? How many of you gently hand-wash your silk items but do you give the same care to yourself in the shower? You need to appreciate the magnificent machine that is your body, and listen to what it is asking of you.

Is your diet what it wants? Is the exercise you are giving it what it wants? Most of all are you giving it enough sleep? The body needs sleep in these changing times, it is a hard toll on the body to transform in this way. The body needs to relax and rejuvenate, and the mind needs to take a time out from trying to control it all. Please, dear ones, please make sure you give your body the needed time to sleep, as this is very important in this time of transition. Please be aware of the signs and requests coming from your body, and honor it like you would a friend or a child. Make sure to prioritize the flesh, just for a time now, as we transform you together.

You are truly magnificent creatures, this we know, and some of you do as well. Take care of this magnificent creature, for as of now you need your human body to continue on you path and carry out this important task you are doing. Please be mindful of what the body is asking for, and gentle in its care. This we ask of you, for now, please take care of this vessel you have so carefully created just for this lifetime. It is made just for you, according to your needs and wishes. Please cherish it as you intended.



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