There is a natural balance in the relationship of giving and receiving. Just like balance between action and stillness, the student and the teacher. There is a balance, and when that balance is disturbed it creates a disconnection of the natural order.

If you give when you have nothing left, you disturb that balance. If you take and take and take without giving anything back, you disturb that balance. What is important to understand is that the balance is not depending on you giving back to the same person who gave to you. You can give to someone else or in a different way, and there is still balance. The balance is within you, not necessarily in the relationship of the giver and the receiver.

Just like you cannot drink from an empty well, if you give without ever filling up your energy from within you, soon you will feel empty. Energy is always flowing through you, but there must be a willingness in you to receive. If you continue to block your reception of energy but keep giving away, you will soon have nothing more to give.

You can give your time to one person and receive money from a totally different source. This is the flow of energy. See it all as source energy, for that is what it is. The way it looks or feels is not really important, it is all the same energy regardless of how you choose to perceive it.

In a state of balance your body will feel good. If you give and receive in a state of balance you will feel good. Contrary to what you might believe, most disruption is caused by giving too much and not allowing oneself to receive. The belief in no pain, no gain, and the worth of martyrdom is often the cause of this. Hear us in this: pain is never the way to happiness. Suffering is not the way to feeling good. Being a martyr does not make you a good person. Feeling good makes you feel good. Simply being makes you a good person. You are good because that is your essence. You are love. There is no need to suffer to make yourself worthy, because you already are worthy.

Allow yourself to receive what is given to you. Do not feel burdened for what you receive. You deserve love. You deserve abundance. You deserve wellness and well being. You can never force anyone to give, so when someone gives to you know it is an act within their control. Not yours. When you give, you must give freely and with love. Giving because you believe you should or because you feel pressured into it is not true giving, it is punishment of you the giver and of the receiver. If you don’t want to give that is perfectly fine, but when you do give make sure it is a gift with no strings attached. Giving so that you can get the upper hand is not beneficial to either party, and certainly not to you.

Give from a place of abundance, because you wish to and choose to. Give freely and with love. Receive all that is given to you knowing you deserve love. You deserve to receive what you have asked for. You deserve to receive without having to give back. Do not feel guilty for receiving. Remember that you must be willing to receive to keep the balance. See it all as gifts from source, yourself, to yourself, because that is what it is. Feel as good receiving as you are giving. When you allow yourself to both receive and give, the energy can flow through you. Energy wants to move and so any time you stop it or hold back through resistance, you create a slow down of energy. This will feel uncomfortable and the longer this is hindered, the worse it feels. Allow the energy to move through you, give and receive with ease. Never let yourself go empty. Always seek the energy within, the constant supply of love energy from All that Is.

You are the energy of life itself. Your energy is constantly shifting and moving. Allow the energy to flow through you. Give and receive with equal ease. Energy is endless. The energy is love.


Spiritual Guide

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