Your relationship with the body is a reflection of your relationship with yourself. It allows you to explore your own creations, and it allows you to explore yourself and your perception of self. The physical vessel allows you to experience time through aging, to experience expansion through the physical changes as you grow from child to adult.

The shame and guilt that is connected to enjoying the senses and the physical body is proof of the power that is inherent in your physical expression. If it were not powerful it would not be feared. You can tune into and tap into that power through embracing the body as an extension and an expression of yourself, of the Divine Self that you are. Change your perspective of the body, and you change what the body can do for you, allowing more power to be expressed through the physical vessel. 

You are pure energy. You have a very specific and unique energy signature, like no one else. It is your essence. Your essence is pure love energy, and this is the energy that you manifest your whole world with. 

You are so powerful that you can attract anything at all into your reality. 

You are so powerful that you can create illusions that cloud your perception of self, and you also have the power to remove those illusions. You have the power to experience lack, and the power to experience abundance. As you feel into your energy essence, recognize how powerful you are. 

When you are able to experience your reality and your reaction to that reality (your feelings) without losing your sense of self, you cultivate a sense of safety. Feeling safe comes from knowing that you can move through life without needing to control it, because you trust your ability to experience it all and still be OK. That doesn’t mean that you will never feel negative emotion, but that when you do feel negative emotion it doesn’t completely overwhelm you. To be able to feel without drowning in the sensations, creates a sense of mastery, and that mastery helps you to trust in yourself. 

Trusting yourself is not about being able to manifest everything you want and nothing unwanted. Trusting yourself is about having so much faith in yourself, and respect for yourself and who you are, that you know whatever comes your way you will learn from it and come out on the other side stronger and happier. 

It is about trusting that you exist in a loving Universe, where everything is working for you and supporting your journey and your growth. It is about knowing you are worthy of all you desire, and that everything you experience in life is moving you in the direction of more love, more abundance, more freedom, and more joy. 


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