Isabelle: Well I wanted to ask you about the collective of all of us. Sometimes it seems that we experience similar feelings or similar things that we’re going through. Is that true?

LAUREL: Yes it’s true. Because If you remember that the separation is just an illusion… So what you actually are is one big blob of energy. There IS no separation there. There is no separation, there are no lines. There’s nothing to cut you off. It’s just one big cloud of energy. And so when someone attracts thoughts, that thought is sort of floating around in this cloud available to everyone. But the reason why someone can think it and others not, is because of the vibration. Their vibration. To the person that is thinking it or attracting it. It has to be a match to the vibration of the of the thought.

So if it’s a super happy thought. Then it can only be attracted by people that are super happy. It’s floating around in the collective consciousness but it can only be attracted to those that are a vibrational match to it. That is why these some of these higher vibration ideas, the new, the leading edge thoughts, that these ideas, these concepts, have been there since the beginning of time. The older civilizations have always had some thinkers within them that have attracted these thoughts. So there’s nothing new in these concepts. But as the human vibration was raised over time, these concepts became more accessible to a greater number of people. Because the human vibration is being raised for each generation. So now when the human vibration is so much higher than 100 or 200 years ago these New Age thoughts, these leading edge thoughts and concepts, are available to more people than say two hundred years ago. The thoughts are, and the concepts are, always floating in the cloud of the collective consciousness. But only those people that are vibrationally matching the thoughts can reach them.

So there is a number of negative thoughts, thoughts about killing or suicide bombers, terrorists. These thoughts are floating in the collective consciousness and at certain times, certain people will vibrate with these thoughts and attract them. You can see that how at certain times through history there will be a lot of violence, because a lot of people are thinking or attracting these thoughts. And as they attract these thoughts, their vibration attracts more of these thoughts and so other people will be influenced by the vibration of them, of the people around them. They will in turn attract more of these lower vibrational thoughts, which is why it’s important for you wherever you go, to try to be the one that influences the vibration with your high vibration. To not let yourself be dragged down by other people’s lower vibration, because people can influence you if you are not aware, or in a strong vibrational state.

So if you are wobbly (vibrationally) and you enter a room with a lot of angry people, you might feel your own vibration going down. But if you’re super happy and you go into a room of angry people you’ll be able to laugh them off, or at least only wobble down to neutral state, and you can keep feeling good by attracting neutral or slightly higher thoughts compared to those people who are attracting negative thoughts. That is also why different people will have such different perspectives on this one and same incident. Because if if you’re in a low vibration you’re attracting negative thoughts around this incident that you’re perceiving in a negative light. If you’re in a good mood and feeling vibrationally high, you’re attracting high vibrational thoughts, positive thoughts, about this incident, and you don’t see it as negatively.

Tina: Maybe they could explain that a little bit more? Like could I do a projection like an energetic protection or some kind of imagination thing or something in order to help myself a little bit when I go into situations.

LAUREL: Yeah. There are many ways to imagine a shell surround you, but it’s also important for you at this time to be aware that what is protecting you, is your belief that you’re protected. There is no actual protection, it’s your belief that’s protecting you. So you could also choose to believe that you are always in control of your thoughts, of your vibration, of how you feel, which is true. To be aware of this, and believe that no one else can hurt you, or harm your influence. That belief will be beneficial to you because it will make you feel more safe and secure and confident, and with control of your own emotions. But you can also imagine light around you, or like in a glass egg, or Isabelle you use pyramids. There are many ways of doing this but it’s all just beliefs. There is no actual need for protection because there is no power stronger or more forceful than you. Only you can create in your reality. The idea of a shield around you is part of the illusion, because there is just one energy, and you can’t shield yourself from other parts. Because then you would be separated. So the idea of separation is an illusion, and as you cannot be separated from other parts the shield is just an illusion.

Isabelle: Can I hop in. So Peggy Black’s team said she agrees. No separation. I really like that and I resonate with that they said. But you can say “energy of mine, in my field that is not mine: Return back to the field blessed and transformed” and it was almost like clearing our energy field, like sort of like how we wash our hands in reality. We just blessed and transform it. And then we ask for our energy to be returned and transformed. So like if if we’re wobbly we put wobbly out in the field. So we asked it to return to us bless and transform it.

LAUREL: Think about that idea. You don’t necessarily change your vibration through words or blessings. You change it by intention and through how you feel. So by saying these things and by blessing, you are intentionally trying to feel better. The light that you are is never. dirty or filthy or blackened. THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE CAN and WILL transmute fear by itself. You don’t have to intentionally ask it to do it, because that is the Essence of light. Light will always shine through the darkness, that is the essence of the light that you are. Love will always seek expansion. So love cannot not expand when love meets fear. Love will always push into the fear. It’s just a matter of how much resistance there is within you, that creates pain from this pushing against. But love and light will always expand. And there will never be need for any kind of spell or words.

An intention is good, but the intention is there to make you focused on feeling good. So when you intend to feel good, what you’re telling yourself is that “I am focused, I’m going to focus my mind on feeling good”. The essence does not change, because light is light, and love is love, and love and light must through the lifeforce itself expand. That is uncontrollable.

That is what it does. That is part of life. It is expansive into more love and more light. So whenever this love and light meets any wobbles, or any fear, or perceived, let’s call it darkness even though it is not darkness. When it meets this other energy that might be more nuanced with fear, the light and the love will always expand into these, and try to transmute it into more love. What it does is that it expands the love, and thus the darkness/fear will be removed. Just like when you turn on the light, and in a dark room it doesn’t necessarily push away the dark. It was just the absence of light that made it seem like it was dark. So as love expands naturally it removes the darkness, because the darkness was not really there. It’s just the expansion of light. That happens into what was not light. What was not existing, now becomes existence which is light.


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