June 3rd, 2017:

Love each other. Be supportive. Trust each other. Touch each other. Be a friend. Be a shoulder to cry on. Be the rock that your friend needs. Be there and be present. Be for your friend what you want to be given. Allow them to be in fear, without judging them or shutting them out. Allow them to be upset, and confused, and to not accept this change in you. Allow them to be angry and feel like you have changed too much. Allow all this, and then sit down, and love them. Be the parent, be the adult, turn the other cheek. You are needed now, needed to be the calm, the present, the steady, the strong and the ever forgiving.

Everything is changing for them, and they don’t understand why. Even you are changing, and suddenly it is obvious to them that you are not who you used to be. Change is fearful when you do not understand. This change is unexpected to them, it is sudden and violent. Nothing makes sense.

This is your chance to be mighty oak. This is your chance to calm the waters. This is your chance to be the mountain of faith. This is your chance to be the all that you are. Allow them to be in their fear, do not push, do not accuse. But let them see there is another way to live. Let them see the magic you live by. Let them see the wonders that show up for you every day. Let them into your new life, embrace them and encourage their curiosity. Do not make them feel small by pointing out how little they know or how far they have to go. Do not threaten them by expecting them to lose all fear in a blink of an eye.

Remember the fear that was in you for so long. Remember the beginning of your search, the longing you felt, and the need you had within you for freedom and release. Remember your dreams and how you never knew if you would succeed. Remember how it was to live without faith in yourself, without trust in the Universe, without feeling the love from Source. Remember, and then give freely from the abundance of your knowledge, of your acceptance and your love. Give freely of your open arms and your soothing voice. Allow them to stay in fear but do not yourself fall into fear. Allow them to be confused while you hold on to the Truth. Allow them to worry while you rest in the knowing you are BOTH taken care of. Allow them to seek their own path, while you live in your purpose.

Your purpose is also being a guiding Star to those who seek. Your purpose is also being a Light in this world for all still in darkness or Shadow. Your purpose is also living in Love as an example of the Magic that resides in all of us. Your purpose is being the Divine on Earth, for all to see, without shyness, without apologies, and without judgment for those still seeking.
Be Light, Be Love, Be Truth, Be Peace.


Spiritual Guide


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