Why am I not able to increase my income? Am I blocking it in some way?

The blockage as you call it is rooted in self doubt. The reason you don’t follow up on these inspirational ideas that come to you is because of fear. The fear has it’s base in you doubting yourself.

You see, you have created a ceiling for how much you allow yourself to receive. You have the abilities, the skills and talents to receive more, but you stop yourself from receiving because of your self doubts. You doubt you deserve more. Can it really be this easy, you think to yourself. Do I really deserve this much, for so little effort? No, surely it could not be this easy! And so you create that: it is not so easy. You doubt your worthiness in accepting so much. You compare yourself to others and you feel guilt for receiving so much from so little. Who are you to be so successful? 

Well who are you? You are love. You are eternal. You have lived and seen so much abundance that you just cannot imagine it. Over lifetimes you have created and won limitless amounts of gold and riches. You have acquired and lost millions, over and over again. Money is nothing to you, yet in this life, at this point, you block yourself from receiving more. You have hit the limits for what you allow yourself to receive. This limit is not really about money, it is about what you feel you deserve of joy and wellness. How lucky can one man be? Do I really deserve all this happiness? 

Yes you do. As a being of love, as a being who emanates love, breathes love, produces love in every single cell of your body, you do deserve endless love. You deserve so much love that you explode into a love machine, sharing and overflowing love to all those who are lucky enough to meet you. You deserve all of this. Not despite of who you are, but because of who you are. You deserve this because you are you. Because you are the Creation and the Creator. You are the One. For the One, gold and riches is as easy and natural as air. Oxygen. For the One, everything material is as easy as the immaterial thought. For the One, a thought is as valuable and useful as the material.

Money is immaterial. It is an idea. It is a thought. You no longer trade in gold pieces. You trade in number on a screen. Yes there might be paper and coins, but without the idea of value attached to it, it is paper like that on your notebook. What you trade in is the idea, the meaning you place on the paper and coins. You trade in attachments and desire. You trade in the attachment to what money can give you. You trade in what you believe will come if you can get your hands on this shared idea of money. You believe money will bring you closer to that which you desire, and so you give in to the idea of using this tool.

What we would like to offer you is to play with the idea of bypassing the tool. Play with the idea of manifesting without using money. Be open to the image of a world in which you attract without the use of money. You have the imagination to play with this idea. You have the confidence, based on your previous actions with money. You have had success. Now you are at a point where you limit yourself through believing in the need for money.

If you can release your belief in your need for money as a tool, you can bypass the limit you have placed upon yourself through your worthiness. If you can imagine having what you desire, and not use money to attain it, you can raise your perception of yourself as a creator that creates from within. You can see yourself as the creator that creates from the power and the energy that is found within you, the eternal source that makes your heart beat and your blood flow through your body. This intention that keeps you alive is the same intention that brings abundance to you. It has brought you this through the tool of money, because you believe you need money. Now we suggest you change your beliefs so you can receive what you desire without the tool of money. This is where you find your true abundance. If you can find that essence within yourself to create from the energy that you are, you will feel more freedom in your handling of money, knowing you no longer need it. When you create from the energy within, not using the old tools, you truly find that inner power that is yours. 

When you can create from your inner power, the energy that you KNOW is endless, you will not feel that wobble of resistance within you. There is no guilt, because you know you are not creating from the money that could make others jealous, but from something that was yours all along. When you find your power, you know yourself as the creator. When you know you are the creator, you unleash the abundance you have created in your years of lack. This is your true abundance. This is the true you. This is how you find your inner power. The power is the life force, the abundance, the light that keeps you alive. It is all the same. It is pure energy. You are Source energy, and from this energy you can create anything. Do not limit yourself to money.

You have a picture of how your future should be. You have an idea of how it should all turn out. Let that go! You are limiting yourself with this idea! Take the first step that comes to your mind, but do not attach yourself to how this idea should turn out. You are not yet able to perceive the best possible outcome from this idea. The vibrational result of the idea is of a vibration in the future, a higher vibration that you have not already reached. If you had been vibrating at that vibration now, you would already have manifested your desires. Allow the idea to create whatever it will. Take your first step and then detach for needing it to become something in a certain way. You cannot know what is the best outcome from where you are currently vibrating, and your need to see the final picture from where you are now is limiting the manifestation of the best possible outcome. Detach from needing to know the future, and simply take that first step. Allow for reality to change as it is meant to, without needing it to progress as you want it to from your limited perspective.


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