Transcript from a Group Channeling call:

The human experience is one of both fear and love, pleasure and pain. You came here for both. Only through experiencing the illusion, diving into your limiting beliefs and that conditioning, only then do you discover that which is not the illusion. You’re using the illusion and your human conditioning in order to discover that which is not of the illusion. You are using the human journey to show to you what is the limitation.

No matter how deep into the illusion you are, a part of you remembers love. And a part of you remembers how sweet it is to love, so you always have this intense longing to love. Even when you’re in the depths of darkness you long for love. That’s also why some people want to die, because that’s that’s the easiest way to move back into that state of love. Because through dying, you get to move out of the darkness and into once again that state of love. You have a longing to expand, to understand more about who you are, to ascend, to become more love and less fear. You have this inner longing to unite, to be the oneness. Simply stated: it’s the longing to love, the desire to love. You have an inner calling to be All That Is. The higher you ascend the more love you experience and the more love you become. At each level, in each dimension, you open yourself up to love wider and deeper. That’s the desire. That is like the silver cord that pulls you upwards from a human and into God itself, the deep longing that is within you in all life times, in all dimensions, at all vibrational levels: the desire to love.

Life is like a dance with love and fear, pleasure and pain, light and darkness. If you see love and loving as the silver cord, this life is a dance around the silver cord. You want it and you dance around it, pretending to avoid it. This is where you experience poverty and pain.. It’s just the sweetness of sort of dancing with desire, playing around it, without just grasping it right away. So you experience the lack of that intense love. Because it’s exciting to move closer to love and then go back and create a distance again, move closer to love, have the distance again. You experience the lack of love so that you can taste the sweetness of an abundance of love. You experience the illusion so that you can better understand the truth. Your life experience of love and fear, pleasure and pain, is all about learning and experiencing the love that you truly are, in all it’s shapes and forms. It’s just a dance with love.

And you came for the dance. There will be moments where you are deeply in alignment and you’re feeling that love flowing through you, but then you’re going to pull back again because that’s what creates the dance. You may ask “How can I create more pleasure and less pain?”. That requires you to change your perspective of the experiences where you are further away from the cord. You can love the darkness because the darkness is also God, the darkness is just as much love as the light is. If you can love the darkness as much as you love the light, then you’re there. There is divinity in every experience. The darkness and pain is just as divine as the feeling of bliss. And you can’t get to that feeling of complete bliss until you’re willing to see that.

You want to unite those two because you want to unite the human experience and the divine experience. Most of the higher states are sort of separated in the sense that they are simply the divine experience. You came here to unite the human and the divine so that you can experience both. The more you can accept the experiences of pain, and the presence of that contrast in your life, the easier life gets. The acceptance of both love and fear, light and dark, allows you to deepen your understanding of what love is, and to truly see how powerful you are. You came for the dance, you came for the contrast, you came for it all.

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