Picture that who you really are is someone sitting on the sofa, watching a movie. The movie is your life, your reality, and the main character is the role you play in this life, who you believe you are. So the real you is the observer. What you’re sensing is that it’s someone far far behind, it’s someone back in the shades. You’re sensing that, but the distance is not really real. If you look at the screen where the movie is, you can see that. Who you’re watching in the movie is tiny. The person on the couch is much much bigger.

But what you’re sensing in this description is the distance between the illusion and the reality. But it’s not such a big distance because reality is right here. Reality is watching you. Reality is watching you watching the movie. You are right here, the distance is not far. It is within you. There are many layers, many realities, many dimensions. In this jumping from the observer and into the illusion, many realities have been used in order to build up this complete picture of the illusion. You have spent many lifetimes getting used to the illusion so that you could buy into it, so that you would believe it. What you are now trying to do is to take the other way, to walk the path the other way from the illusion back into reality. All the time you spent going from reality into the illusion you are now trying to do this same, to walk the same distance within just one lifetime. And that is why it feels like it’s such a long path, why there is so so much distance between you.

But that is also an illusion because time and space is an illusion, as time does not exist. Space does not exist. And so what you imagine is just a remembering of all those lives that it took you to get properly within the illusion. But you can choose to leave the illusion with the snap of your fingers. It’s a matter of finding that perception that clicks something within you, finding that button that allows you to take that in one jump. The distance is not real. Time does not exist. Space does not exist. That distance is a part of the illusion. The observer is right here. The illusion is not there. You are the observer, believing you’re living in the illusion but you’re really living in the Observer. That is where your true life is. Otherwise how could you watch the TV.

There is not a far distance to go. It’s just a matter of finding the right button. Finding that right perception, the right perspective that feels true to you, that allows you to understand. It’s a matter of snapping your fingers. But you have to be at a certain dimension to be ready to make that jump. And you are not yet there.


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