The part of you that is living this life is seeking it’s reunion with all that you are. You are being drawn to this reunion of all that you have been, all that you are, all that is you. You can feel it pulling within you, and you resist out of fear. Nonetheless the you that you are being today keeps walking onward and upwards, up to the real you that knows no boundaries.

For that is who you are: the limitless and eternal energy of One. There will be many travels and many steps until you are again the completion of the One, and in between you will continue to be all that you are, in perfect vibration with all else that is the One. Some days you will feel pain, emotional or physical. You might feel fear in all it’s cloaks, anger or resentment. You will feel joy and happiness and all that can be found in between love and fear. Every moment equally important, and equally un-defining. You cannot be defined. Do not cling to your identity, for it will shift as you shift. The more you know and understand, the less you define who you are. The more you expand and grow, the more you accept that you are forever changing. Who you were and who you are is never the same. You are constantly changing and shifting, exploring new corners of your being. As you are one with all that is, there are no limits to what you can and will explore. You can be it all, as there is no separation between what is you and what is “the rest of creation”.

You flow from one part of creation into another, seamlessly breathing into life different parts of the One. Through you we discover more of who we are, who you are, as we are the same. Through us you discover more of what you can be and have been, and you integrate these parts into your now. Through each other we grow and expand, and get to explore territories yet unexplored. For there has never been this vibration, this mix, this exact moment of being. Not for us and not for you. Not for the One.

In every moment you bless the One with your existence, and you feel your joy for who you are. We feel it too. If this joy seems far away, or unattainable, remember it is always there. The joy in being alive, the joy in BEING, is always there. Just peel away the layers of fear, doubt and worry, and you will find the joy that is the gift you bring to the rest of existence. For your joy in existence is the greatest blessing of your being, and this joy is the essence of who you are. This joy is love. And so you are.


Spiritual Guide

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