If you can stay in this moment, you will see the perfection of it all. In this moment your life is perfect. In this moment, you have all possibilities lined up to be happy. In this moment you could be feeling the happiness of simply being.

When you are in a state of being, everything flows. There is nothing you need to do next, because in this moment all you can do is what you are currently doing. What might be needed in the next moment, is impossible for you to know. You can guess and predict, but the truth of it is that you cannot know. For the future is yet to be lived, it is unknown, and therefore it is 100% potential.

What is pure potential is also pure love. Love is the one energy that creates all. All potential must therefore be love energy. This means that all future outcomes are coming from a place of love, of love energy. Whatever happens will be happening in love, with love energy creating experiences for you, in your lovely life. Love creates, love is what is happening, love is what you are, and love is the future. So why then worry about the future when it is packed to bursting with pure love?

What is behind you no longer exists. That can never be relived or repeated, because the one living those experiences no longer exist. You changed and expanded, and you are now a new being. The past can never be relived. The future is in front of you, but as you enter it and live it, it becomes your now moment. It becomes your present. And it is a present. It is a present, a gift, that you choose to give to yourself. You decide how the future unfolds in your life, how the pure love potential comes together to create experiences for you. In this gift of life you are the creator, and in this moment you are shaping your potential into the next moment. You are using love energy to create the next moment. In the time between time (non-existing time) you are creating from the unlimited and endless potential, into something that is love but limited and has an ending. You use the eternal energy to create something that has an end. Your experiences, your feelings and thoughts are finite, they come and go. You, the eternal, create playthings of transient energy, to move through your being so that you can experience both the limitless and the limited, both the eternal and the transient.

Through your mastery of creation you create from unlimited potential, into a limited experience of your reality. Your reality changes and shifts, and your experiences shift with you as you move through dimensions. But as everything shifts around you, as you move through dimensions, as you change and expand, you also stay the same. You are the constant in this endless dance of moves and shifting shapes. You are the eternal in a world of transient energies. You change and expand, but you stay the same: you are love, you are source.

All is within you. What you experience outside of yourself, is in reality a gift of the now moment happening within you. Everything occurs within you. You are the Universe and the tiny grain of sand. You are the micro and the macro. As you experience the stillness and the unchangeable force within you, you live from the seat of love. This energy is you. You are all that is. In this moment, in the past moments, and in the future moments that become your now, you are the eternal force that experiences itself through the passing of the limited and transient energies that is shaping your reality. You are the force that creates. You are the stillness that observes the creation. You are the one that takes love potential and brings it into the now moment, so that it can live as a fleeting part of your reality. Your life is your creation. You are it’s master. You create from love, from the love that you are. You are the eternal, unlimited force that fuels it all. You are the love energy. You are it all. You are Source.


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