In this quest for limiting beliefs it is easy to focus only on what you see as wrong, in order to fix it. But do not forget all the wonderful traits about you that you already love. Focus on those too. Do it in a detached way, where you see these parts as a representation of who you really are, but not a definition of you. These parts may change at any time, and the loss of them would not in any way define you or make you less. See your traits as clothes that you wear and then change for new clothes when you feel like it. These traits do not define you, you are not in any way labeled by them, they are simply suits for you to try on and use for as long as you want to. They do not define you, they are just experiences, and outfits that you can test and use for as long as it is enjoyable.

If you can stay in this detachment to who you are, you will be led to let go of the parts that are not beneficial to you at this time, and led to discover other parts of you that can help you on your journey. These parts might include abilities that you have not yet uncovered in this life, or superpowers you did not know you had. But in order for you to discover these you need to stay detached and non-judgmental in how you perceive yourself. You need to stay open to parts coming into your awareness that you might previously have judged as wrong, because in your limited perspective you could not see the benefit of these traits. As you stay detached to your definitions, not clinging to any part of you and not rejecting any parts, you will be more malleable in how you perceive yourself. You will no longer need to be in any certain way, and so you will more easily shift into an expanded perception of self, and a more expanded experience of self. Because that is what it is all about: to experience yourself in a new and expanded way. That is when you will feel your power running through you: when you discover new parts of yourself and allow those parts to be integrated within who you are, with no attachment to outcome and no judgment of what these parts are. As you detach from needing to be in any certain way, you automatically accept what is and who you are today. As you accept who you are in this moment, you will also accept your life and your reality for what it is today, because acceptance of self (of the within world) must be reflected outside of you. As you accept who you are, the reality will be perceived as acceptable and it will slowly change towards a more pleasing reality for you. These changes are intricately connected, and it all begins with you accepting who you are today.

As you accept who you are today, all of you, you feel relief. This relief is a great opening of energy. The energy that is released will be a part of your creation of your new reality. Energy never dies, it just continues to be recycled. Instead of holding this energy within you as a blockage or physical pain or emotional suffering, through release you are allowing the energy to flow through you and use it to create a new reality for you. This means that your reality is now becoming more.

Accepting who you are in this moment is the key to your desired future. It is the very basis for your creations. Appreciate all that you are, including the traits that you perceive as bad. Understand that your perception of these traits as less than good is just a part of the illusion. Your traits are not flawed, your perception is. You do not need to know how these traits are good, all you need to know is that they are good, and by your acceptance of all that you are, you will be led to a change in perception.


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  1. I’ve often said you HAVE beliefs, it’s not that you ARE your beliefs. Your beliefs can go away and you’ll be just fine, most times you’ll be better off without the beliefs.

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