If you wish to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, you must let go of those dreams. The dreams of today, and of your past, is built on old vibration. They were created from yesterdays vibration, and that vibration is quickly outdated. What you can reach from your place today is much more than yesterday, and far wider a field then you can envision. You are endless, limitless. Do not limit your potential to what you can imagine. Instead we ask of you: allow for the Universe to surprise you. Allow for all that is to create your dream for you. If you hold space for that surprise in your stillness of being, you can explore the wonders that have yet to be uncovered. If you have not yet dreamed it, imagine the greatness you will experience once it becomes manifest. Imagine the joy and excitement in the pure exploration of a wonder you have never seen before, not even in your inner world.

The true explorers go beyond their dreams, not just into their dreams. To go beyond your known world you must allow for the divinity within you to reach further, and far into the unknown. You must trust yourself and your ability to navigate that which has not been explored. You must trust your expansion to take you to where you intend to be, but have never seen. You must trust your own power to guide you and to provide you with all you need, both on your journey and in that unknown destination. And most of all, you must allow your desires to keep guiding you beyond that dream once you reach it. Never stop exploring, never believe you have met the limits of your capacity. Refuse to surrender into what is seen, and instead surrender into the promise of more. For there is always more. As you surrender into the promise of more, walking through the acceptance of today, you create a path into the beyond. These dreams are the dreams of your soul, your guiding light, the being that is more than you know yourself as now. These dreams are explorations of you, of your power, of your beauty, of your creations. And they go far, far beyond what you see today. For you are far, far more.


Spiritual Guide

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