Fear controls most of your life. Any negative emotion is an expression of fear. Anger is fear, sadness is fear, anxiety is fear, it is all fear in different forms. Fear limits you, and that limitation is an integral part of the human exploration. Trying to control yourself and your outside reality in order to not experience fear, is very common.

Most action is take from the motivation of avoiding emotional pain/fear, and very little is taken from a desire for love/positive feelings. You go to work to earn money so that you don’t have to experience the discomfort of not having money. You behave in inauthentic ways in order to get people to like you, because you don’t want to experience the emotional discomfort of not being approved of. You try to avoid situations that feed into your negative beliefs about yourself, and navigate your reality on a narrow line in order to not be triggered and have to feel your  negative emotions, not feel your fear. Fear is especially uncomfortable when you don’t understand the purpose of it, or how to process it. 

When you learn how to process your fear, and why you feel fear, you will gain a deeper understanding of your own past experiences, and you will create more freedom for your future explorations, as fear will no longer control you.  

But fear is a part of this reality that you choose to come to. It serves a purpose. It serves as a contrast of darkness, so that you can see your light. Fear is there to show you how courageous you are, how strong you are, how powerful you are. Fear is there to show you the depths of love that exist within you and outside of you. Fear allows you to discover the truth of who you are, unconditional love, through letting you explore what you are not. When you are exploring fear and negative emotions, you are exploring the illusion, exploring what you are not. You are exploring contrast. This contrast is a part of what you intended to explore from a soul level.


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