Q: I feel bad for not pushing through fear more of the time. Or quicker. I should be better and do more!

A: What an interesting expansion! To feel as Source in moments, and to have this contrast of believing you are not enough, you should be more, you should live differently than the life you are creating now. In every now moment you are living a life only you could create for yourself. In every expression of fear and doubt you are living a life that only you can live. In every moment of fear and doubt you are creating desires for power and fulfillment. Every doubtful moment of fear is fueling that desire, and once the desires are powerful enough you will explode into action. It is only a matter of time, and as time is an illusion, you are exploding in every minute of now.

You see, these explosions happen all the time. You just don’t notice them. You keep pushing through fear every time you do something, reluctantly or with excitement. But because you do not yet see yourself as the Master you are, your awareness is only focused on what you perceive to be your failures to act. Because you believe you are weak and should be different, your awareness is focused on those actions and reactions that support this image of yourself. If you can shift your awareness to focus on your wins and victories, your image will be very different. You are doing a lot, and it is more than enough. The shift is not one of doing, but a shift of perception. How can you expect to be someone who pushes through fear when you are creating a reality of the exact opposite through your beliefs of who you currently are?

You wish to somewhere in the future be the one who is brave and full of action. What we are saying is that you are that one today. You are simply refusing to recognize it. And so you keep creating a reality where you do not acknowledge this bravery, and your perception of yourself is thus reinforced as a useless YOU.

First you must change your perception of who you are today. Not who you wish to be, but who you are today. Find ways to see that you already are that one today. It is there if you can widen your perception to include your acts of bravery. But that means you must change your definition of who you are. You must change it from fearful and useless, to brave and full of action. Once you can recognize this in you, you can then focus on it and create more of it. This is not creating something from scratch. It is already there, in your reality, you just have not been aware of it due to your current vibration. Shift your focus. Identify your self as someone who is brave, who is full of action, who is taking large strides towards freedom, who is pushing through fear daily, who is full of power. Shift into this identity, and focus on all the occasions where you are living up to this image of yourself. It is already there, happening in your reality. All you need is to shift your focus to see it. Once you see it, you will be aware that you are living it. Once you are aware and focused on the fact that this is what you are living, this is who you currently are, you can create more of it. You are reinforcing it. It is already there, and now you are creating more of it. Through your focus you vibrate it in a more powerful way, and you create more of it. You create more of those parts of your life and of yourself that you want to expand.

Find it already within you, already happening in your life, and focus on those wins. Your focus creates more of the wins, and your change in how you see yourself allows a more expanded version of you to create a more expansive life, in accordance with your desires of greatness. Live what you already are, focus on that which already exists, be who you already have become.


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