The body is one of many ways into the truth of who you are, one of many ways to connect with yourself, to soothe yourself, to feel and understand what is happening within you. The body does not only signal through fear, but also through happiness and well being. And just like you can affect your physical well being through your feelings and your mind, you can also affect your feelings through use of the body. The body allows you to connect with others, physical well being when touching another soul. It allows you to connect with Gaia, and bring well being through connection to higher dimensions. It also gives you a multitude of ways of experiencing and expressing joy through physical movement. Sex, exercise, stretching, touch, massage, walking, swimming, even sleep is well being when done in alignment. And many of these physical tools help with release of darkness and pain, and helps with chemical creation of happiness in the body, thus creating a feeling of joy.

Society is built around minimizing joy, in the belief that control and lack is somehow a measurement of strength and power. The more pain you endure, the more you are admired. And the harder you work, and the more you suffer, the better you must be in the eyes of others. Your society greatly appreciates suffering, hard work, and pain. Enjoyment of the body, time to move and stretch, time for nature and connection with others, is not appreciated or applauded. Your focus is on pain, rather than pleasure. This is all a part of the illusion, and you are slowly moving out of the illusion, naturally drawn to the light and that which makes you feel good. People are cut off from this because they focus on pain and on outside approval. When you do not give yourself the love you need, you seek that love from others instead, aiming to soothe your ache by being the way they want you to be so that they will love you. Focusing on yourself and your own well being is not the way to get approval. Focusing on others is. Doing and being who others want you to be, service them rather than yourself leads to this disconnect. But you are moving out of that now, and more and more are finding the connection between their body and themselves, allowing the body to help find joy in their own existence once again.

All beings, aliens and human, with a body can experience both pain and pleasure through the body, but not all physical bodies are as sensitive as the human body. Most are not. Most are used as vehicles, and have less sensitivity, which means the one driving is both shielded from pain but also shielded from the pleasure to a large extent. The human design has a tremendous potential for love and pleasure, and so far only a tiny amount of that has been discovered! We would say there is a lot of pleasure and joy in your future, once you start experimenting and discovering more of who you truly are, also in the physical form. There is so much more to discover, and the more you allow yourself to accept the perfection and beauty of your physical vehicle, see past all the things you wish were different, and truly accept the divinity in your unique package, the more you will be able to connect with the pure joy of existing in physical form. But for that to happen you MUST let go of your judgment of the physical vessel, the shape of it, the look of it, the feel of it, the size of it. You must accept what is, before you can be shown the perfection of it. Acceptance into the vehicle you have chosen, and trusting it’s divinity and that there is a reason for you choosing exactly this one… it will lead to pleasure and joy, both in your physical body and in simply existing as a soul within this physical dimension.

You are beauty. You are perfection. You are the Divine in a human shape. Enjoy it!


Spiritual Guide

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