I am so aware of my powers of manifesting what I want, that I feel guilty for receiving it because it feels like I am stealing it or manipulating it away from others!


Because you believe in a lack somewhere. Because you believe in a limited abundance. A scarcity. You are unable to fathom the abundance of eternal creation. You cannot imagine limitless energy, and so you use your human taught beliefs about a certain amount of energy to influence your beliefs about abundance.

And because you know you are strong and powerful, you believe it is better for you to live in this lack than others. You know you can live in pain and so you see yourself as less deserving of ease and abundance. You are capable of living in pain, so you should take this burden so others don’t have to. That is your belief.

Think of abundance as just another manifestation of energy. That is what it is. All is energy, the same, one energy. Love, the feeling love, and money in your bank account, is the same energy. Air, oxygen, is also the same energy. We were going to compare money to love energy, but as you believe love is also in a limited amount, that is not a good comparison. Compare money to air instead. You take deep breaths without feeling guilty. You take it because there is plenty of it. You taking it has no effect on others. There is more than enough for everyone to breathe as much as you all want. More is created every single moment. You can breathe without guilt.

Money is the same. The amount of it to go around is endless and constantly flowing. Every time someone is wanting money, the energy multiplies. Every person living in lack and desiring abundance is constantly creating more money. The reason you don’t necessarily see this is because most people are not manifesting it into physical reality as quickly as they want. But nonetheless it is created in the non-physical reality, waiting there until you are ready to take that last step of the manifestation process and bring it into physicality.

The energy is there. And when you so much as think of it, you create more. There is an endless supply of it. It is impossible to empty it, because your desires keep creating more of it all the time.

When someone gives you money they are passing on energy. Often in exchange for an energy you have given to them, or will give to them. How you judge that exchange is based on your beliefs. Some will judge the money as more valuable, others will judge your answers or services as more valuable. Their judgment is based in their own beliefs. Your judgement is based in your beliefs. But ponder this: when it is all the same energy, and this energy is in endless supply and keeps being recreated constantly, how useful is this judgement of yours? If you are blowing a breath of oxygen on someone, do you feel lack for now having less oxygen in your lungs? Do you feel guilty when you breathe in the same room as others, stealing what could possibly be used by them if they wanted to hyperventilate?

Energy is endless. It is constantly being recreated. The expansion of energy is constant. Every thought you have is creating more energy. When you expand, the energy of all that is expands. Money is one of the ways energy can be manifested. Just like air is another. In endless supply. The perception of a limited amount, of an end to this supply, is contradicting the belief in expansion. If you choose to believe there is a limited amount of abundance or money available, then you must also believe that Source energy can only expand to a certain degree. So what is it that exists beyond this energy? What is the energy beyond all that is? And if this energy or “thing” beyond all that is, really exists, is it not all that is? If it “is”, it must be a part of all that is, right? So then again you are back to the same solution: if it exists it is part of all that is. This “all that is” is endless, because it contains all that is. There is nothing that is beyond this, because the beyond is also “all that is” or it would not exist.

Abundance is limitless and endless. It is the One energy that is all of creation. There is no end to this creation. The expansion is eternal and limitless. You are this endless and eternal energy. When you accept money you are accepting a part of yourself. The exchange between the seller and the buyer is the exchange of energy from the One energy to the same energy. The seller, the buyer, and the money and the goods, it is all the same One energy. All endless. Remove the emotions around money. It is just a way for you to interact. Money is the excuse for creative powers, and for human interactions. That is all it is. The rest of it, the “real” part of money, is just pure energy. Just like air. Just like love. Just like you.


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