It is a wonderful thing to be focused on your feelings, and also the feelings of fear. What is not helpful is when you create an identity for yourself based on those feelings. It is not helpful to create an identity at all, but even less so when this identity is built around what you perceive as a negative trait in your personality.

Your ability to process fear is quite marvelous. Your ability to notice fear is quite marvelous. You are quite marvelous. Your ability to limit yourself is also quite marvelous. Being marvelous is meaningless. The words you use to define yourself are meaningless. You give meaning to what you are and how you perceive yourself through your set of beliefs and values. You color the pages in your book. The book is black and white, and you color it depending on how you choose to see yourself. The words and the definitions you use are meaningless in themselves. You add value and meaning to it all through your choice of positivity or negativity. You choose to see a trait as good, or too see it as bad.

You can choose to see that you are too fearful and not good enough at pushing through fear. Through this you create an identity for yourself where you are fearful and a coward, thus reinforcing your limiting belief that you are too sensitive.

You can also choose to see that you are courageous and brave for all the times you do push through fear. Especially given how sensitive you are. You can choose to create an identity for yourself where you perceive yourself as brave and adventurous, based on your perspective of how you push through this intense fear.

Both those descriptions are true. Both are valid. Because there is no truth. You create the value and validation of your experiences through your perspective.

Choose the perception that gives you the most supportive and helpful perspective. Choose the perception and perspective that will help you build an identity that will be aligned with what you desire to experience. This identity will be reflected back to you in the reality that appears around you. The conditions will reflect who you believe you are. Do you wish to see the reflection of fearful and too sensitive? Or do you wish to see the reflection of adventure and courage?

The truth is irrelevant. This is not a game of truth, it is a game of reflection. You simply decide what kind of reflection you wish to play in, and you adjust your definition of self accordingly. Want adventure and courage? Then choose to see yourself as adventurous and courageous! Change how you see yourself and you will change the life you are living. That is how you create your dream life.


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