Letting go of your illusions can be difficult. And fearful.
You have never been more in control of your experience than you are now. Awareness is control. Allowing is control. You only thought you were in control when you were living in the dark. The illusion of being in control made life livable despite a great deal of fear within you. Now you must be courageous and realize that both the control and the fear are hinders to your evolution.

Once you can let go of the belief in safety through control, much of the fear of not being in control will dissipate.
As a child you maybe closed your eyes and believed no one could see you. As an adult you know that when you are afraid you need your eyes open. The fear might still be there, as it is irrational. It is simply a habit of reaction, inherited from generations before you. You might still feel the fear but now you know that the feeling does not make you unsafe. It is just a feeling. You are still safe.

We understand that feelings seem real to you. Feeling pain is still pain even though you know you are reacting to an illusion. But this is the creation of new habits. The change from crawling to flying will always be scary and somewhat difficult. You simply have no other choice now.

Sometimes you are not able to make the jump on your own. So you must be pushed. Letting go of the belief in the illusion of being in control allows you to be pushed with a bit less fear. You must trust that on the other side of the jump is more freedom, more abundance, more love.

You are not letting go of anything real. Not even control. You are simply letting go of the BELIEF of being in control. The belief did not make it real. It was never truly there. So there is no loss of control, only an increase in acceptance. As you accept that you are transported through life on the flowing river of love and light, as you put your trust in your own powers and the benevolent powers of the One who knows it all – your burden of trying to control, to plan, to manage it all will ease up. One step at a time you will lessen your burden of efforting your way through life. Each new challenge will be more effortless as you relax into the knowing that it is here for a purpose, and that purpose is to make life better for you. You can trust that everything you face is created for your growth and your increased freedom, for your limitless abundance and for your limitless capacity for love. You have a limitless capacity to give love, to receive love, and to let love flow through you. The less energy spent on trying to control what you never could control, the more love you allow in.

Letting go of illusions is never easy, but there is no way around it. Surrender into the fear. You are safe.


Spiritual Guide

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