Worthiness is to be who you are, and to know that that is enough. To know that you, as you are in any way and in every moment, is the perfection of creation.

In every moment you expand and change. Sometimes you believe you change into a better version of you, and in some moments you feel like you are not presenting your best. Sometimes you feel disappointed in yourself, and you wish that you could be different.

In all those moments of feeling either good or bad, you are perfect. When you doubt yourself, you are perfect. When you are feeling fear, you are perfect. The perfection is there because your perfection, your worthiness is innate. What you do, feel, believe or don’t believe, does not change your perfection and your worthiness. It is not something you can add to or take away from. The perfection and worthiness that is you, it is endless and eternal. It simply is.

When you die from this life and move into the non-physical, you explore the endless and eternal part of you. That eternal part was there in the physical life that you lived, but in most moments you were not directly exploring it. But you were still eternal. As an eternal being you can never not be eternal, that would mean that you were not eternal. Do you understand this principle?

The fact that you are Source, the creator and creation, the one energy that is all that is – that fact means that you cannot be unworthy or wrong in any way. That would mean that a part of source is unworthy, and as the part is not separate from the whole, that would mean that all of source is unworthy. But as Source is all there is, that would mean that there is nothing worthy in all of existence. If you as source is unworthy, that would mean there is nothing that is the opposite: worthy. As the energy that is all that is, you are worthy because you are all there is. There is no opposite life force. There is no bad, because you are all there is and that must be good. Why must it be good and worthy? Because the force and source that is all that is, it is a love energy. You could say that the definition of “love energy” is pointless, as it includes every energy in existence. And that is correct. That means that what you are is the one energy that is in all of creation. You are the energy that creates and created everything you experience.

In this life you get to choose how you perceive that energy, that creation. How you perceive that energy will dictate how you feel about yourself. If you feel bad and unworthy, that creates an unpleasant reality around you. It literally feels bad for you to live this. If you feel good and worthy, this creates a reality around you that helps you feel good. How you experience yourself and your world changes as you change your perception about yourself. But the nature of who you are does not change. When you believe you are not enough, you are still enough, because there is nothing that is not you. You are the one energy that is all that is. The energy that we call Love energy. When you feel unworthy you are still that Love energy. You just don’t feel like Love energy. When you feel worthy you feel like Love energy. Who you are did not change from when you felt unworthy. You just changed your experience of being alive. You changed your experience but who you are stayed the same. The only thing that changes is your experience of yourself. You never become unworthy or worthy. You already are worthy because you are the only energy that exists, so that means there is no opposite. Worthy is simply a word and a feeling, it is not a real state of being. Worthy is an explanation of a way of feeling. Who you are is neither worthy or unworthy, you simply are. You are what is. You feel worthy or unworthy and this dictates how you experience “to be”. But it does not change who you are, it does not change your essence, because your essence is the Source energy that is the one and only thing that exists. We choose to call it love, but the truth is that it is all that is. This energy is limitless and endless, so even the definition love is meaningless as you cannot comprehend something that is everything and nothing.

You want to feel good. You want to feel love for yourself. You want to feel that you are enough and that you can be who you are in every moment. You want to accept who you are being in every moment, so that you can experience your life, your reality and yourself in the best feeling way possible. You want to maximize the positive experiences so that life becomes more fun and love-filled. How to do that is to understand that there is no bad or wrong. It is impossible for you to be bad or wrong. That does not exist. All that exists is good and right and worthy and love, because that is the state of the one energy that IS. That means that you as this energy must also be love and good and right and worthy. When you FEEL any other way it is because you are seeing yourself in a perspective that is slightly off. You are seeing yourself in a way that is not true. You are perceiving yourself in a way that does not align with the truth, with the one energy that exists. In other words, you are seeing an illusion. Knowing that when you feel bad you must be seeing something in a way that is not true, you can test the truth with how you feel in your body.

Ask yourself some questions and test how they feel in your body:

“I am wonderful”

“I am good enough”

“I am just as good as anyone else”

Does this feel good? If you feel unworthy, maybe these statements are too much of a leap, and so they feel wrong to you. So try again:

“I am not that bad”

“I am usually okay”

“Even okay is worthy of my love”

“I am generous enough to love the one that is only okay”

“I have so much love to give that I can love even the one that is seemingly not perfect”

“I am so kind and loving that I can love the one that is not being the way I want him to be”

You are the one that is seemingly not perfect, and only okay. Can you find a way to accept yourself even when you can’t truly accept yourself? Can you be generous enough to love and accept the one who sometimes feels not good enough? Or do you demand that those that receive your love must always be perfect? Do you leave your partner if they are feeling bad one day? Can you only love perfection? Or can you love those that have bad days and who are vulnerable and make mistakes?

Self love is not only to love all parts of yourself. It is also to accept and love yourself when you cannot accept and love yourself. Give yourself grace. Understand that you have had many years of non-acceptance, and that you might need some practice before you excel at this game of self love. Accept yourself when you fail at complete acceptance. Understand that it is a game of movement. You move yourself towards more love every time you try. It doesn’t matter if you try and fail. The process of trying, of being willing to try to love and accept yourself, that is all that matters. Through being willing to love yourself even when you do not feel worthy of this love, you are showing yourself that you are worthy of this effort of trying. Through not giving up, but keep trying over and over, you are proving to yourself that you are worthy of all this effort and love, even when you fail to love yourself in this moment.

Remember that it is not a matter of changing yourself from unworthy to worthy. You already are everything you wish to be. All you have to do is to accept and love yourself as you perceive yourself in this illusion of imperfection. If you can accept yourself when you perceive that you are not good enough, you will begin to see the truth that you are indeed perfect already. You are not changing who you are, you are just changing your perception of who you are. For you already are worthy.


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  1. Awesome and so right on! I am already everything i wish to be!

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