This urge to control how others behave in your reality is a need for control. You believe others should be small and unobtrusive, because that is what you believe you need to be. It brings up fear when others are not following the rules you have agreed upon. Why can they be so large when you must be small? You feel like they are crushing you with their freedom and their power, because you feel safe only when others stay small just like you do.

The sense of control is exactly that: a sense. It is not reality. It is a part of the illusion. You can never control others. They can do as you want them to because they believe they must, or because you behave in a way that makes them feel bad if they don’t do what you want them to. But that is still all within their own control. Just like how you react to what others do in your reality is within your control, and yours only. You can never control others. The control is in your reaction. You cannot control your conditions. The control is in your reaction.

You can feel like you are controlling your conditions, but that is also an illusion. The only control that is real is the control through your vibration. Your beliefs dictate how you react to your conditions. Manage your beliefs and you manage your reality.

You want freedom of a very different vibration than what you sought after previously. You are now seeking complete and true freedom, of a higher vibration than you have ever asked for before. This means you must let go of more of your limitations. The freedom you seek is the freedom created from lack of limitations. The less limiting beliefs and limitations you place upon yourself, the more freedom you have. The higher vibrations you reach for, the more you must clean up and clean out those limitations that you have place upon yourself. You keep raising the ceiling of what you desire, so you also raise the ceiling of what you must let go of. The more you want, the more you must let go. The more freedom you want, the more you must let go of the need for control. This need is based in the illusion. If you can understand that the sense of control is also an illusion, you can ease up on the need. The need is a need to cling to a false sense of control, a control that is an illusion. So really you are trying to create a feeling of control, based in an illusion. You are seeking what does not exist.

You feel safe when you control others and your conditions. But the feeling of control is an illusion. Your safety in this way is an illusion, because you were never unsafe. Not even death is a threat to you. You are eternal. Your threat is feeling bad. Your aim is to avoid feeling bad. You do not avoid this through trying to control what cannot be controlled. You avoid this by accepting what is. If you can manage to accept and like the conditions that are in your reality at all times, there are no more threats. You cannot be threatened by feeling good. You cannot feel fear because of conditions that you enjoy and accept. Train yourself to enjoy all conditions. How? By knowing that your acceptance is THE key to control. Your acceptance is the one and only true control. Through acceptance you become Master of your reality. Through acceptance you create power, you create abundance, you create joy. Acceptance is the key to all happiness.


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