I try to control myself but I can’t. It seems to just make it all worse. But I fear the consequences of not controlling myself!
Are you some monster to be controlled? How can that work with the monster controlling the monster? If the one controlling is as damaged as the one he is trying to control, how can the result be of any value?

You must decide. Either you are good enough and do not need controlling, or you are the monster that needs controlling but in that case you are not in a position to be the one doing the controlling. That doesn’t make any sense. So are you willing to let others control you? We think not. That means you must let go of the idea of controlling yourself. And to live without this control you must allow in the idea that you are not in need of being controlled. Which leads to the thought that you are good. Can you accept that? Can you accept that you do not need to be controlled? Can you accept the realization that you are to be trusted to run free? Can you live with the risks of being a wild thing?

What opportunities are there for one not controlled by chains? What potential now opens up for the wild thing running free? What new horizons open up for the one who does not need permission to be?

You use an enormous amount of energy trying to control yourself. Imagine what that energy can do if you set it free. Imagine a whole day without restraining yourself. Imagine a whole day where the rules of gravity, the rules of cause and effect, the rules of a responsible adult living in your society, all these rules do not apply! Can you imagine what you will feel? Imagine one day where you do not hold yourself back by the ideals and beliefs taught to you by those generations before you. Imagine one day where you are free of the judgment of your inner critic. What could you create? Who could you be? We promise you you would not go back to the chains.

There is no need to control the monster within. The monster is Love. You do not need to restrain love. Let go of your control, for the monster is an illusion. Without the chains you will see it was only a mask, a mirage, a false demon. It was never really there, it was all a fantasy. Only the goodness in you is real.

The more you try to control, and try it is for you will never succeed, the more you try to control the more the monster will roar and kick. You are feeding the illusion of the monster through your restraint.
Which will you feed today, the monster or the love? The illusion or reality? If you cannot believe in your love, at least free yourself from the illusion of the monster, and be curious to see what appears in its place.
Wouldn’t you like to know?


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