When you clear the energies in a room you are simply introducing your own higher vibration into the room. Just like you do in any room you enter. When you enter a room, a group, a place, you share your energy with the space, and the space or group is sharing their energy with you. Remember that there are not really any limits or boundaries to your energy, and this mixing of energies is the most natural thing when you know that in truth all these different people and energies are really one energy. The reality is that it is not the mix of several energies, it is the intermixing of one energy mixing within itself.

You have a bowl of oatmeal, raisins, sugar, butter, eggs and so on, and you mix the ingredients in the bowl for a mix that can create something new compared to just the oatmeal and the eggs on its own. The cookies you create from the mix is more expansive than just the eggs on the counter. The eggs on the counter are wonderful, just sitting there, but the real magic happens when you mix them with the rest. And there are no limits to what you can make from oatmeal and eggs! Oh my, the wonders you can create when you mix energies! This is how you create anything! A mix of energies, the energies that are all part of the One.

So when you clear the room of bad vibes, you are not really clearing it. You are introducing a higher vibration to the room, and the higher vibrations will always “win”. Love is a mightier force than fear, every time. When someone of a higher vibration enters the room, this doesn’t clear out the lower vibes. What happens is that the higher vibration pulls up the other vibration. The higher vibe will help elevate the lower vibrations, so that the total vibration of the room is now of a higher vibration than it was without this latest addition of the high vibe. The energy has not been removed, it has changed into a more love filled energy. Energy does not disappear, it just morphs into something different. The energy of the room has been changed by the addition of the higher vibration. One person of a high vibration will raise the vibration of all the other twenty lower vibrations in a group. This is how energy works. The love energy always raises the vibration and the fear lowers it. But a tiny fleck of love vibration holds a much, much greater power than a huge amount of fear filled vibration. That is why one person with love as their focus can accomplish so much in a world filled with fear. One light bringer, one beacon of love is mightier than an army of fear filled people. The light will always be the strongest power. Love always conquers fear. Higher vibrations always pulls up the lower vibrations. Why? Because the lower vibrations always have the desire to be pulled up into the love filled vibrations. All that is, is always seeking expansion into more love and less fear. That is the reason for the existence of all that is. To expand into more love and less fear. And the All that is, that is only love and not fear, is seeking to expand into more. The more will always be love, as fear is not expansive. In every moment of existence, All that Is, is expanding into more love. You are always expanding into more love. Love is the intention of All That Is.


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