Transcript from Laurel Group Channeling Session:

Isabelle: All right Laurel, you said this was specific for Tina. Do you want to show the nuances between my ascension, and how it differs from Tina?

LAUREL: It doesn’t differ very much because it’s the same process, and you also go from unworthiness into worthiness. From not accepting who you are, into completely loving who you are. There are different nuances of what you do not accept compared to Tina. There are different nuances of what you see as wrong in you, compared to what she sees as wrong in her. And there are also different nuances within the relationships that you are exploring intimately within your inner circle. And there are also very different nuances compared to how you see yourself as your role in the ascension process, and within the world. And for you it is about that there is a lot of accepting needing to be done, accepting of yourself. Because you see yourself as not good enough and imperfect, because you believe that you have to be so much more in order to do what you believe is your role in this ascension process.

You believe you have to expand to fill the shoes of who you think you should be in this ascension process, and you feel it weighing heavily on you because you know it’s an important process . You believe you’re not up to this task yet. But don’t you see that these feelings are a part of your gift to the world. Your process of accepting yourself and seeing that you already are enough for this task. This role is the gift that you can give. To accept yourself as you are. When you perceive yourself to not be enough, and not be grown or not be expanded enough for the role that you believe you have to be. To accept yourself through all of this. And to understand that you are enough. That is the gift that is most important for you to give to the rest of the world right now. Because you believe somehow that the role you have, to fill the shoes you have to fill, must be of someone more expanded, smarter, to have more knowledge. But how how can you know that?

You do not know the role you are here to fill. You do not know how you’re going to fill it. So what if that role was already filled by you? What if what was needed from you was what you are already giving? What if you could be and give, exactly what you’re supposed to be and give? And you’re already doing that. What if what you’re living right now is the role that you’re supposed to fill? What if you are already enough, filling that role? Living that role, being asked who you are today, without the full knowledge, without the full mastering of your skills. What if that was the role that you were supposed to be in? What if you could see yourself as complete and full? And enough in the role that you are in today. What if your compass could perceive that the role you are in now is the most important role you have ever had. And who you are today as the perceived, imperfect Isabelle is in fact the perfect Isabelle? For this role and exactly as you are today is who you have to be, to be able to fill this very important role, in this very important and exciting ascension. How would your life change if you could perceive yourself from the perspective of perfection, of being enough and already having filled that role to perfection?

And what if you could expand from a place of already living and being in that role, as the perfect Isabelle for that role? What if you could expand from a place of perfection, instead of trying to expand into something that was never created because you’re trying to expand into a role? That was never created anywhere else but in your imagination, in your feeling of unworthiness. You created a role that you will never be able to fill. The role that is there for you, the role that you are already filling, is the role of the perceived imperfect Isabel. Coming to see herself, perceiving herself, as perfect as she is. And that is how you fill that role.


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