The pain you feel is not from being who you are, or from being different. The pain is from you resisting who you are. From your lack of acceptance of who you are. If you can just accept who you are, the pain will go away. Right now you are being you and not accepting yourself. You cannot be different. You cannot be anyone else. In this you have no choice. You will always be you. Those are your only two choices: be who you are and resist yourself and feel pain, or be who you are and accept yourself and feel love.

As long as you believe yourself wrong or that you should be different, you will feel pain. You will still be you, but feel bad about it. You can change that. You can change how you feel about yourself. Accept who you are and the pain goes away. That is all you need to do to not hurt anymore. Just accept who you are.

When you are resisting who you are you are feeding into the illusion. You are feeding the part of your reality that is not true, the part that gives you pain. You are literally feeding your pain. The only thing you need to change is to go from resisting to accepting yourself. Just this one thing. Stop resisting yourself. You have great power, and in this moment you are using this enormous power to resist yourself, to resist Source, to resist love. This is a gigantic energetic contrast. A gigantic energetic combat. Love will always win, but during the fight you will endure a tremendous amount of pain, until you surrender the illusion. You can surrender right now, and stop the pain. As long as you resist you keep building the pain, and you keep fighting yourself and all the forces that want to help you. You are resisting your own desires, and it hurts.

All you need to do to make the pain disappear is to accept who you are. You are love energy. See yourself as energy. Energy, electricity, music, vibration, mother nature. These forms of energy are not wrong. They just are. They just are. Like you are. Energy cannot be wrong. Your perception of the energy that you are is off. Your perception is flawed. But the energy is not wrong. You are meant to be this way. You are meant to be who you are. You are not wrong or flawed. As soon as you can accept that you are perfect as you are, in this moment and eternally, you will let go of the pain. The pain is in the resistance to who you are. Let go of trying to change and deny who you are, and the pain goes away. Accept that this is who you are, and you are perfect, you are worthy, you are a Light, you are love. Accept that you are Source. Accept who you are, and the pain disappears.

The pain is not from being who you are. The pain is from resisting who you are. Change your perception from resistance to acceptance, and the pain goes away. Accept who you are as perfection, and you shift your perception to see all the ways of your perfection.

You are who you are, you are who you are meant to be, you are love. You are the light. You are all that is. Accept this truth, and move into the energy that is you. Accept who you are as perfection. Accept who you are.


Spiritual Guide

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