Q/A: What part do science and genetics play in our explorations? Being predisposed for cancer, through genetics, what does that mean?

When you choose your family to incarnate in, you also choose your genes. You choose which genes to copy, and you choose the beliefs and memories that are stored within that DNA. If you want to explore cancer, it would be logical to choose a family with a genetic predisposition for cancer. If you wish to explore dwarfism, it would be logical to choose to be born in a family with this predisposition in their genes. If you wish to explore obesity, it will be logical to choose a family with this in their DNA and culture.

For some people, the experience of living with the fear of cancer, due to genetics, but not getting it, can be their intended exploration. For others, it can be to live with the fear, and then get the disease, and recover. For others again, it might be their intention to get leukemia as a child, and die from it while still a child. You can of course get cancer from resistance alone, without it being a part of your pre-birth intention, and you can get it without the specific predisposition for it, but still have it be part of your exploration. There are multiple choices and options for exploration, even within this one area. If you choose to be born into a family predisposed for breast cancer, and you out of 4 sisters are the only one who never gets cancer, that is a unique and specific exploration too.

Science and genetics can be very, very helpful, it is all depending on the use of it. You can use science to kill and hurt, from a place of fear, and you can use the same science to bring new life into the world, and to heal, from a place of love. Genetics can help humans understand more about themselves and others, creating more of a connection between humans in general, and also between humans and other races. Once you understand how much you have in common with aliens, genetically, and once your scientists are able to uncover and trace your origins back to other alien races, it will help you connect to aliens. It will help you to extend the oneness perception beyond that of only oneness as humans, but to see yourself as one with also aliens. The Oneness perception in you will expand through the use of science and genetics.

Science is just another way of expressing the Divine in you. When you read the signatures of DNA, you read a light code, a unique creation that is part of all that is. You see the signature of this one being, connected in a multitude of ways to all other beings. Science can explain both the micro and the macro, and the beautiful connection between those. Science helps one being understand itself, and through understanding itself it also understands its place in the larger picture, and how it is connected to all other beings in the same picture. Through science you can understand that all that exists is Source, and nothing outside of Source is. Science can help you expand your mind and your perception of what is possible, and move you closer to the understanding of your own power as the creator of your reality. Who you are cannot be fully described or explained by science, as science not yet have the tools and words to describe your soul. But that is not due to the lack of the validity of science, that is just a result of humanity’s own limiting beliefs about what a human is. The more you allow yourself to perceive the Divine in you, the more Science will discover that proves this to you. Your reality will reflect your beliefs, and science is a part of that reality. Science will reflect your beliefs, and prove you right, once you allow yourself to truly know that you are God Source, for this moment expressed as a Human Being.


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