What you are seeing is how people try to control their surroundings in order to feel safe. When you as a human feel fear, your first thought is to try to control your outside reality. You try to control other people, and you try to control the physical conditions in order to feel safe. The fear that is coming to the surface is fear that has been dormant within Humanity for a long, long time. It is fear around survival, fear of lack, fear of loss, fear of death, fear of being alone and abandoned. What you are pointing out is the fear of lack. How can you let go of this fear of lack? By experiencing what you perceive as lack and then experiencing that it didn’t kill you. That what you feared, turned out to be an illusion. You might fear lack, and you experience it, only to discover that even when there was no toilet paper left in the store, your neighbor gave you one of theirs. You might discover that you can live well on less toilet paper. Or you might discover that even with a room full of toilet paper, you still feel fear, you still feel lack. You might be lucky enough to discover that the feeling of lack is not created by the toilet paper, but that it is a feeling within you that lingers even when your cupboards and shelves are full of whatever you desire.

How do you keep fear away? By experiencing it and seeing how there was truly nothing to fear. By experiencing your nightmare and discovering that YOU and your choice of perspective is what creates either an experience of suffering, or one of love. You can be in a house without toilet paper, yet choose to be so grateful that you are all healthy, that the toilet paper doesn’t rule your existence. You can experience lack of toilet paper, and feel an abundance of love and gratitude. You can experience that the material goods you so desired, and thought you needed, is nothing compared to the love and connection with your family and friends.

If you lose your job, lose your income, how do you manage? If you are suddenly without a job, what do you do? You go within and do the thing you have always wanted to do, but that everyone told you you couldn’t do. You start making art like you have always dreamed of, because now that you have nothing to lose you suddenly find the courage to push past fear. When you have lost the one thing that made you feel safe, the salary from your job, you are suddenly forced to create the life that you have always dreamed of. You start working for joy rather than for that salary, and you start creating abundance of more than just money. Or, if you cannot change your perspective, you create a time of struggle and experiences of lack, where you manifest what your vibration has created for you based in your feelings of lack. Over the past years and decades, many with an income and a job have felt lack. Many have feared lack, despite living in abundance. Now they get to live what they have created through their vibration. Now they get to experience what they have manifested through their fears. They get to experience a life of fear, because that is what they have called forth through their worries. Most humans are too strong, and too deep into the belief of being victims, that they will not give up the struggle and the pain until they have nowhere else to turn. What is the easiest and most common way to get a human to turn to spirituality? What is the most efficient way to get a human to start looking for more than just the material pleasures? Pain. Emotional pain, physical pain, fear, a life trauma. When humans get pushed to the edge, beyond what they feel they can endure, they finally surrender and turn to the higher power. They start looking for something beyond the newest car and the biggest house. When the house and the car failed to make them feel safe and good, they turn to the alternative sources. They turn to God, to Source, to the one thing they have not yet been willing to try. They ask for help in finding a higher perspective.

When you experience lack despite doing everything right, you are forced to look elsewhere. When the illusion of security in something outside of yourself, such as a job, is revealed as the illusion it is, you are forced to create that security from within yourself. You go from illusion to truth, because the conditions force you to. When you experience lack in your outside reality, when you fears have manifested into real life, where do you go? You go within, because the outside world can no longer save you. You force yourself to create abundance from your own inner power, because the illusion of power and security outside of yourself is crumbling. And so another phase of your journey begins. Another phase of the journey of Humanity. The journey into the discovery of your true Divine power, as the Divine Human.

From the experience of lack, the desire for abundance is created. From experiencing what you have always feared, you learn that you are more powerful than that which you feared. Through living your fear, and overcoming it, you are able to see that your fears were based in illusions, and the only thing you feared was fear itself. From lack rises the creation of abundance, once you find the true source of your abundance: the power within YOU.


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