Surrender is the act of giving up resistance. When you surrender, you give up on resisting your own path, the manifestation of your desires, and you stop resisting your purpose. You allow the path to take you to where you intend to go, however it chooses to do that. You surrender to the moment, and you stop trying to control how that moment unfolds. Surrender is to trust, to trust yourself and your own power, and the power that your power is at one with. Surrender means accepting that you are a part of the One, the Whole, Source energy, and as such you cannot fail or make mistakes. As Source, you are the power, and when you surrender, you fall back into that power, consciously choosing to stop resisting that power and your place in it.

Through the power of surrender, you let go of the one thing that holds you back from everything you want: resistance. There is never any outside force that can keep you from what you want and need, because there is no outside. There is also no other power than yours, because you are the power. When you can surrender, you let go of resistance to what is, to what is unfolding in the moment. Through that flow of energy that happens once you stop resisting, you allow yourself to fall back into the power of your own creations. You allow yourself to fall back into the flow that is ease and love, and you change your perception into one of acceptance instead of resistance. When your perception is one of resistance, you are resisting what is happening in your reality. You insist it is wrong, and you try to change it. Your perception is flawed due to your fear, and because of this you see the world around you in an illusion of being wrong. As you surrender, you also surrender this perception. You ease up on your insistence that the world is wrong, and you stop trying so hard to change it. As you stop resisting you force yourself to perceive the reality with more neutrality. Maybe even a bit of appreciation. This simple easing up on your resistance allows for the energy to flow through you again more smoothly and easier. The energy that moves through you also moves you, and as you let go of the resistance you once again go back to your natural state of allowing and acceptance.

Surrender is the key to a life of ease, to allowing what you want. You cannot be in your power if you keep resisting yourself. Resisting your life equals resisting yourself. As there is no outside, as the reality you live in is a reflection of your beliefs, when you resist your creation you also resist yourself. Your reality is created by your vibration, and when you resist the results of that vibration you are also resisting yourself as you are that vibration. When you spend all your energy on resisting yourself, because resisting does take extreme amounts of energy and focus, you are not in a position to stand in your power. You cannot both use your power to create what you want, and use that same power to resist it all. When you resist, you focus all that creative power on opposing yourself. This creates an inner conflict, where you fight your desires with your resistance. You are literally fighting yourself, using your own power against yourself. Unless you stop resisting yourself, resisting your own power, you cannot use that power to create what you want. And that is what most humans believe they want: to create their dreams, to manifest the physical reality they imagine will make them happy. The truth is, that what they want is to use their creative powers to create limitless expressions of who they are. They want to surrender into the unique expression of who they truly are, to simply go with the flow of Source energy, their life force, and to use the power within to create the most glorious expressions of their own Divine Self. That is what you want, that is what everyone wants. And once you and they, surrender into the power within, to give in to this power and how it wishes to express itself, once you stop resisting yourself, you will find peace. You will find bliss. You will find your alignment. You will shine and be in your power because that is your natural state of being. All you need to do in order to be that power, to live from it, to shine, is to stop resisting, also called surrender. Surrender, and the power comes forth effortlessly, because that is your natural state of being.


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