Your body does not define you, but how you define your body most definitely influences how you experience yourself and your reality. 

Whether you like your body or not, your body is going to influence how you relate to other people, how you relate to the outside world, and how you relate to yourself. It is impossible to ignore your body and not let that affect your relationship to yourself. IF you do ignore your body, that in itself will influence your relationship with yourself, as you are deliberately ignoring your physical vessel for interaction with your outside world, and that is experienced as a rejection of parts of yourself. Rejecting yourself can only lead to emotional pain, which in some cases develops into actual physical discomfort and pain.

If you love and adore your body, you will nourish it in ways that are loving and kind, and your eating pattern will support that. If you do not have a healthy eating pattern then your relationship with your body is not a supportive one, and there is miscommunication in your relationship. You either ignore the needs of the body or you misinterpret the needs of the body because you are ignoring or denying the needs of the non-physical parts of yourself. The body is reflecting the non-physical reality so that you can create balance in both realities, the physical and the non-physical, and create Oneness within yourself.  Don’t blame the messenger when the problem is your unwillingness to listen to the message…

If you can’t love your body, then aim for acceptance. Acceptance of what is, must always come first. Whatever it is you want to change, you must first accept your creation as it is currently. And the body IS your creation, whether you like it or not. It is your creation, it is your expression and your tool to explore this reality, and before you can change it you must accept it and accept your responsibility for your creation. That does NOT mean to shame yourself for your creation, because it is not wrong. It simply means recognizing that your creation has a purpose, and to be willing to hear the message this creation is delivering to you.

Your body is the way it is for a reason, and if you can accept the shape and form of it as it is now, you can open up to understand WHY it has this shape, and how this shape is currently serving you by teaching you what you are thinking/feeling/vibrating, and how that is either in alignment with what you want, or not in alignment with what you want. 

Only once you know what you are creating (through seeing the physical manifestation of it and how that manifestation makes you feel) can you change your vibration.

But first ask yourself “What is it I truly desire?”.

From our online course BODY CONNECTION (linked)


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