The masculine part is the do’er in you. The one who takes action and gets things done. The feminine part is the part that sits back and receives. If you are in a part of your life where taking action and doing plays a big part, the receiving part of it can be neglected. For most of you it is difficult to find this balance, the balance of both giving and receiving. The balance between doing and sitting back to watch the action unfold FOR you.

The Universe has its flow, just like the energies in your life have their own flow. At times there is a need for you to do, to give, to take action. These times will be supporting you through providing you with energy, with lots of inspiration, and with people in your life to help you take this inspired action. This is the part of your life where you plow the fields, plant the seeds, and water the tiny seeds. Then comes the time of growth where the seeds turn into plants. The magic is happening in the soil, under the surface. From up above it seems like nothing is happening, but if you are an experienced farmer you know this time is important. You know this is not a time of emptiness, but a time of growth. You fertilize your field and trust the process. You allow for nature and time to do its job for you.

If this is your first time planting seeds you might lose all faith at this point. You planted the seeds last week and still there are no plants and vegetables in your garden. What did I do wrong, you ask yourself. You might feel like a failure. But this is not the truth! You have done everything right. You have planted and fertilized, and now all you need to do is relax and have patience. But if this is your first time, it will feel wrong to you. After the high energies of the seeding season you feel like the quiet wait is a waste of time. The low energies feel all wrong, feels like a waste to you, and so you believe you failed.

The ebb and flow, the planting and the time of growth is all a part of the process. There is a time for action and a time for stillness. In this time of stillness what you have planted will grow. At some point the plants will push through the soil and you will see proof of the work you have done, the green sprouts reaching up to the sunlight. This will be another time of work and action for you, where you care for the young plants and make sure they have all they need. But until that time, before that time, is a time for rest and receiving. This is a time for stillness, for accepting the energies that are now supporting your time of ease. After the labor comes the relaxation, the wait, the time of patience where you sit back and allow it to unfold for you. Do not lose faith. Do not lose hope. This is all as it is meant to be. Allow the seeds to grow in the soil, and allow them time to settle in, to grow their tiny roots into large roots that can carry the big plant.

You must allow your feminine energies of receiving to come forth. You must allow the plants to grow and bring their bounty to you. You must be open to accepting the love that is being given to you. You must be open to reception. You must be open to the love that is always flowing to you. The abundance is right there, but you must allow yourself to receive it. You must allow it in to settle in your life, to grow roots so the tree can grow into the strong one that carries fruits for season after season. Allow the roots to settle, allow yourself to relax. Allow yourself the labor of ease after this struggle, and allow yourself time to watch the magic unfold. The harvest time is coming, but first you must be patient enough for the seed to grow into the plant, and the plant to bear fruits. Ease up on the struggle, and watch nature provide for you like it wants to do.

Allow yourself to receive. Allow yourself to be loved.


Spiritual Guide

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