What if I fail again? What if there is no magical stardust in me?
The magic is in everyone. You would not be here if you had no stardust in you. The stardust was your ticket to come. This ascension is only for the chosen ones. No free riders. Everyone here has magical stardust within them. Some are too afraid to let it shine, for now, but eventually it will burst out on it’s own. The stardust cannot be contained. Your light cannot be contained.

Some can see it in others, but not in themselves. Some cannot see it at all because seeing it in others makes it impossible to deny it in themselves. So they choose to close their eyes and carry on. For now. Soon enough all will see and all will be who they are, fear or no fear. You can only hide for so long, and you can only hide so much. You may think you are good at covering up, but those around you have seen it for a long, long time. None of you are as good at pretending as you think you are. All of you are naked, for those who choose to see.

Telepathy is being naked and seeing others naked too. No one can see without being vulnerable, and being vulnerable enables you to see others for who they truly are. You cannot hide who you are while seeing others in their truth. You either hide and see only the illusion, or you are naked and for all to see you, and you live in the truth. Living your truth can be hard, it can be scary, but living in the darkness denying who you are will always be more difficult. The initial fear, when you decide to bare it all and go vulnerable and naked into this world as who you really are, can be overwhelming. It can feel intense, but it is short lived. Like pulling off a band aid. Living in fear of being who you are, always hiding and always pretending, never seeing the truth in yourself or others, that is what pain is. The intensity of the pain of being naked as who you are is nothing compared to the pain of living a life in hiding, always worrying and fearing your exposure. Once you are naked for all to see you have nothing to fear. No one can use your truth against you because it is already out there for all to see. No one can manipulate you with your fear of exposure, because you are already exposed. You have nothing more to fear from the world outside of you. The threat was always from within anyway. Your fear was always a product of your own imagination.

Living in the light as who you really are is freedom. You are who you are, for all to see. You can see all others too, even those who do their best to hide, simply because you are living from the truth of who you are, and this enables you to see through the illusion. You see through the illusion not only in yourself, but also in all others. No one can hurt you anymore, for now you see their attacks are only fear. They fear your light because your light calls to their own, and their struggle to stay hidden intensifies as their light tries to break free. You become a light bringer who frees others who cannot free themselves. And so you transform darkness to light. Through the power of your light you fan the flames in others, and through your courage you give courage to those others still in hiding.
In your nakedness and your willingness to be vulnerable, to be who you truly are for all to see, you set others free from their own cages. In your nakedness you liberate through the example of the light, with no effort other than being who you are.
The greatest gift you can give another is to lead by example of your Light, so others may light their own flames, and free themselves from the illusion. Choosing to be naked is the path to freedom. For all. For there is no One alone, we are all One together. Separation is an illusion, and the Light is within all.


Spiritual Guide

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