How do I change my body?

Through your thoughts. When you believe there is something that needs to change, you are creating resistance. Through resistance you are not allowing in this very change. You are creating a standoff that resists the change you desire. Change must come from acceptance. Change must come from a place of love.

Your thoughts and beliefs dictate your reality. Your reality changes according to what you desire IF you let it change. As you are resisting, you are not allowing the movement of change. When you fear letting go of what you have, you are resisting change. In the act of resisting a gain of weight, you are creating resistance to change. When you can allow the possible gain of weight, you allow change to happen. Until you can allow a possible weight gain, you will resist a weight loss. You must allow the change in any direction, through your complete acceptance of the reordering of your reality. If you want change, you must accept a change in the way that is necessary, be that towards what you desire, or towards what you need but believe goes against what you desire.

You cannot yet see the journey through change that will get you to where you want to be. If the desired outcome is a leaner body, this journey might take you through a time of gained weight. The path is rarely straight. The turns and twists will teach you what you need to know, in order to be a match to that which you desire. As you resist these turns on your path you are resisting the change you have asked for, and so the body must stay as it is. You either let go and accept your journey, or you resist and try to control it through restriction and the same beliefs that you are currently holding.

Changing your image through thoughts alone is absolutely possible. But you must change your beliefs for that to happen, and this change can not happen while you are attached to the way your physical body appears to you and to others. For you to allow in the necessary changes you must detach yourself and your definition of who you are from the image your body takes. This path must take you through several transformations where you realize that the body does not define you. The way you look does not mean anything about you. The way you perceive yourself and your body does mean something about you, and that subtle difference is of very much importance. What you seek to change is not only your body, but the attachment you have to an outer image. Allow the outer image to change while holding on to the magnificent image of who you are within, and the outer image will shape itself to match your inner beauty. But this journey must go on a twisted road, in order for you to learn what you wish to become aware of. Mastery is not going to happen if you already live in your desired conditions. Mastery of your conditions and of your creation happens within the acceptance and then the subsequent change of those same conditions. But this change must first show you the detachment to unwanted conditions, in order for you to be the freedom that you desire. Once you have learned the freedom of detachment, your path will lead to the effortless manifesting of that which you desire.

Mastery is learned through experience, and this experience cannot come from wanted conditions. Your path must go through the unwanted, so that you can become detached from the need of an outward expression of who you truly are. The body is a tool of expression, it is not a representation of who you are. Shape the tool in any image you want, but accept the lessons it can give you while on the path of expression. Use your conditions to learn of your powers, and the use of your powers will expand in accordance with your understanding of who you truly are. The mastery of creation comes from the experience of change, not from the final product of what you think you want.


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