Oh! I have been receiving all kinds of appreciation, and yet I still believe appreciation is only proven through money!

There you go! You believe that words are empty, but money shows the real love and appreciation. When people give from their hearts and share their feelings with you, telling you how amazing they think you are, you disregard it. You disregard the abundance of appreciation that is showered upon you every hour of every day. For you, love is linked to money. Appreciation is shown with money. All else is just empty symbols. But the $ symbol, now that must be true love! If they would only give you money, then you would know they truly appreciate you.

Have you never paid for something you didn’t really like? Never bought a bad meal, or a pair of pants that just made you look like a balloon? Never wasted money on something you didn’t enjoy and that you didn’t even want in the first place? Do you feel appreciation and love every time you pay your bills? Do you just love the shit out of the guy in the invoicing department where you pay your phone bills? Do you, really?

Appreciation is a feeling. Feelings are expressed through words or actions, thoughts of love sent through the non-existing space and time. Money is a symbol. It is an illusion. Thoughts and feelings are real. Thoughts and feelings expressed through words are real. Many people find it very difficult to express their love through words, so when you receive words of love, know they are true and real. Money is simply a trade off. Money is not love. Money is not proof of appreciation.

Money is the illusion of worth. Knowing you are already worthy, what good is money as a sign of worth or appreciation? You already are worthy. Money can not make you more or less worthy, nothing can. Money is not a sign of love. It is just money. True appreciation is a feeling, not a dollar bill or a sum on your bank account. Detach appreciation from money, and detach your worth from the receiving and giving of money. What you all have to offer is priceless. No amount of money can ever compare to the gift of your presence here. No amount of money can ever compare to the magnitude of your love, of your being, of your impact on this world and all of creation. You are the truth, money is the illusion. Do not tie yourself or any part of your vocabulary of feelings to the illusion of money. The receiving of appreciation is real. It has value to you. It is a vibration of love. Receiving money is a transaction. It is a trade off. It is not even real. What a dollar is worth to a broke man cannot compare to the value it has to Donald Trump. Appreciation is priceless. Love cannot be priced or compared. Love is love to both the broke man and to Trump.

Accept the appreciation you receive every day. Cherish it. Believe in it. Keep money out of it. Money is just a necessity for now, coming to you from yourself, through avenues you don’t need to concern yourself with. Keep money and love separate. Keep worth and money separate. Believe in the appreciation, believe in your worth, believe in love. Know that money is an illusion. Do not let it control how you feel. Do not give your power away to the illusion.


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