Then how do I find my power?

You never lost it. It is right here, waiting for you patiently. So patiently. You can use it or not, but it is always there. For now you can practice going from not using to using a little bit of it. Step by step you will become more confident as you see signs of your own power, and this confidence will lead you to daring to use more.

Go within. Find that feeling of love. Of complete acceptance and love of who you are. Who you know you are. Connect to that eternal stillness that is the ocean of your energy. The energy you truly are. Connect to yourself and that power that resides within this ocean. The feeling of love, of completion and of acceptance, is your power. That feeling of being enough, of being perfect, of being peace, that is power. Your power does not feel like fire, or like the wrath of the gods. Your power feels like love. Like a giant ocean of wellbeing. Like an ocean of completeness. Like an ocean of peace. Like the depths of acceptance of yourself. Like the deep, deep wisdom of the place beyond time. That is who you are. Love beyond measure. Eternal beyond time. Wisdom that comes from being everything but attached to nothing. To let go of needs and desires, to be the stillness BEHIND all experience, that is your power. When you find your center, the place where nothing is equal to everything, the place where you can be with no attachment – that is your power. Your power arises from the purity of love. You power is pure love. You are the one true power. The essence of all creation.

This power is not found in your experiences, in your manifestations or in the conditions around you. When you search outside of yourself, all you find are manifestations of time. That which is of time is of the illusion. All that has a beginning and an end is of the illusion. Your power is beyond time. It has no beginning and no end. Because you are beyond time. This is where happiness resides. This is where your connections will guide you. Power, love, happiness, peace, they are all found beyond time. Within you is the sacred core that holds your freedom. All you desire is in this core, all you desire is beyond time. What you desire is eternal. What you desire is of the truth. When you search for happiness in the illusion, you will always be left with fleeting moments of joy. When you go within to find happiness, you find the happiness that is beyond time. You find eternal happiness. This is your power. Your power is within. All you want is found within you, at your core. At the core of your being. Search and you shall find. Within.

For it was always there, eternally you, beyond time, beyond the illusion. You are the only truth in your world of illusion. You are the only power in your reality. What you seek is within you, beyond the illusion, for you are the love that is the truth. You are not of the illusion, you are the truth.


Spiritual Guide

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