How can it be okay to be loud and take up space?

Because that is how you are meant to be. Why would you create such a magnificent being, such a creature of beauty and power, and keep it to yourself? In the non-physical that is how you are. You float and share yourself and mix with all others, constantly sharing who you are with the rest of creation. You were never meant to be held back, or ignored, or to shy away and hide from the world. You are here to be shared, to intermix and to take up space. You came here to give of yourself, and to receive from others. The mixing of energies is much more influential if you get out into the world, rather than hide away in your room.

Your belief that you can be too much does not align with the expansion of all that is. All that is is constantly expanding, accommodating for yours and everyone’s expansion. You cannot stay small, that goes against the way of life. Expansion is the way of life. As you expand, the Universe creates more space for you to expand into. In the second before your expansion, the Universe creates more space for you, and as you expand you fill that void that was already there. That space was created just for you, and your desire is to fill it. The Universe reacts to your desires, intentions, and your vibration. When you are vibrating that you are ready to expand, the Universe creates more space for you. So you see, you cannot be taking up too much space. The space will expand FOR you, as that is the intention of space, to expand. And through your intention for expansion you are allowing the space to create expansion within itself, to accommodate for your expansion. This is one of the ways that your expansion is serving all that is, and allowing for all that is to expand as well. This play between you and the rest of creation is a very well orchestrated play, and it needs all its parts to play the right tones. You are supposed to expand! You are supposed to be loud!

If you are not loud, being you, singing your song so others can hear you, there will be a tone missing in the song! You need to raise your voices so that others can hear you, so that the vibrations coming from you can add to the melody. You are meant to share who you are. You are meant to sing your song and to add to the voices of all that is. You are meant to share your beauty, and what you perceive as your shadow. You are meant to share it all. You are meant to reveal and to revel in revealing. You are meant to be naked and proud of who you are. You are meant to take up space and fill the void that is there only for you. You are meant to expand into knowing you belong, and that all of creation is here just for you. You are meant to be here. You were never meant to hide.

Be loud. Take up space. Be you.


Spiritual Guide

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