When you set intentions you are purposely grabbing your own power. You are purposely creating. You are saying I want something out of this day. You’re saying I see myself as the creator. Here is what I want. Bring it. You are choosing to see yourself in a more powerful way than if you don’t set intentions.

On the other hand if you don’t set intentions this could also be seen as a powerful action, because you are choosing to accept whatever comes by not setting intentions. You are trusting that whatever comes will be aligned with your highest good. You are trusting that whatever comes will be for you. And you are trusting your own creative powers to be aligned with the Universal creative powers. You are trusting and showing full faith in that whatever is being created for you and with your energy, is something that will be wanted for you.

If you set intentions you will limit the potential. You are using your force to say this is what I desire today. Using your power in this forceful way is a very good way to practice. You build your own confidence when you set intentions, and then you see that you have created what you wanted. You see that your manifestations come to life and you feel good because you’re using your creative powers.

When you don’t set intentions you are showing trust in your powers. The powers that you have practiced through intention – when you don’t set intentions you accept everything that comes to you. You accept what is. Of course if you don’t set set intentions and then you don’t accept, that is not beneficial to anyone. It is not a good use of your powers. It is not a good use of your power. Being in the moment where you don’t accept is not a good use of your creative forces. So if you don’t set intentions, make sure that you accept whatever comes to you. Because not setting intentions is also a way of intending.

So if you have strong desires, if you have a need, if you are attached for something to happen, make sure that you set intentions. That way you can limit the creation of today and turn it towards your intentions. If you can stay detached from needing anything to happen, then you don’t need to set intentions, because everything that is coming to you will come to you no matter what you intend. Everything that is coming to you will be for your highest good. So the wider range of potential you can allow in through not setting intentions, the better it is.

But that is depending on you to be able to accept what comes to you. If you cannot accept everything, if you know at this point in your life that you cannot accept whatever happens, then use your intentions to guide yourself to create something that is within the potential that you can accept. That is why intention setting is very powerful, because most of you do not accept anything and everything. So use your intention to limit the potential, so that you can allow in what you decide, what you accept, what you want. And thus feel a little bit in control of what is happening. If you choose to not set an intention, at least be aware that this is also a choice, and focus on accepting what comes to you, knowing that it is always for your highest good.


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