Everything is exactly right. In this moment, your life is perfect. Everything is unfolding as you wish. Just like with the discovery of your true self, your perfect life only needs you to become aware of it. You already are living the perfect life for you, for who you are in this moment in time. The experiences you are living today are exactly what you need to get you to the next step. If it seems boring to you that is all an illusion. Your perspective is slightly off.

Who you really are is already there within you. The perfection that is you has never left you. The only thing that changed when you came from the non-physical into the physical is your perspective. You are still the magnificent being you have always been, just more expanded. The only thing that clouds your awareness from seeing the truth of this is your perspective, based on what you have been taught in your past.

Just like you already are what you seek to be, your life already is what you desire it to be. In this moment your life is perfectly created to help you become aware of who you really are. This exact day is created for that purpose only: to make you aware of your glory and magnificence. Each day you have a million new chances to let go of the illusion and slip into the knowing and recognition of the perfection that you are. Each day is equipped and manifested into your life so that you can know your truth. Every day is exactly as it is, because these are the perfect conditions for you to see who you are.

If something in your life seems off, or is not as you wish it to be, this is because it needs to be this way for you to see who you are. Not because you are not who you wish to be, but because you are so much more. There is no imperfection in you, or anywhere else in creation. This means that also today, this day in this life, is perfect. All else is of the illusion.

Realize that every day is here to help you. Realize that all of creation is here for your enjoyment and pleasure. And the greatest pleasure of all is to become aware of the wonder and power that you truly are. Today is the perfect day to become aware of this. Allow yourself to let go of the illusion, and to see the perfection in all that is. Today is the perfect day to slip into your greatness, and to be who you truly are. For we are One.


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