Release your fears. That’s all. The more fear you let go of the more love you let in. It is like your human being can only carry so much. You either let in more love, thus banishing some of your fear, or you let go of part of your fear, and allow in more love. Trust us when we say, the amount of love that you can hold is infinite. The amount of fear does have a limit, but when the fear overwhelms you, you simply leave the body. Choose to let go of your fear before the living in fear becomes to much. The quantity of love that you can let in as a result will heal you from the inside and allow for a process of recovery, as well as pushing forward more of the fear that needs to be released.

Once you have started this process there is no stopping. You will feel the pull inside, the pull to move towards, freedom, towards the indefinable YOU that you truly are. This pull increases as you move up on the vibrational ladder, and soon you will find that even facing the fear can be a process of joy. Identifying the fear will be exciting, letting go of the fear will be a great relief, and letting in love to replace the fear is a process of pure joy. Your heart will swell and your soul rejoice, for this is the journey you were meant to travel. Let go of your fear, and the truth of who you are will be revealed to you in all it’s glory. Allow yourself to live in amazement and wonder of the creation that is you.

When you live as your true Self, things will start happening for you. You will start seeing the wonder and the beauty of your body. The perfection of your belly, your thighs and your upper arms. The softness of your skin and the perfect curve of your mouth. The humor with which your ears seem to wave at you and the perfect shade of your hair, be it blonde or red or even gray. Suddenly you notice how your eyes sparkle, and you think to yourself: How did I not see this? How could I have wasted all those years hating this vessel, when this perfection is so obvious? You will start to wonder at the intelligence that placed your nose at that exact spot, just a little further down than on your friend’s face. You start to wonder at the forces that managed to bring about such a magnificent co-operation between your brain and the left center toe. You delight in the wonder of wrinkling your nose, and you see the amazing ability to move your knee as possibly the 8th wonder of the world…

As your acceptance of yourself and of all that is raises, you find yourself with abilities you never thought were real. You find yourself with powers only read about in fairytales. This is when the true wonder of existence begins. This is when the true magic happens. This is when you start to get a feel for the size of who you really are. For you are a giant in the belief that you are an ant. You are a Wizard thinking you are a slave. You are a Master, thinking you have just started 1st grade.

In your society there are certain standards of who you should be and how you should behave. You need to have a job, you need to earn your wages, you need to buy a home and preferably a house. You need to have kids and buy a lot of things both for them and yourself. We tell you now, liberate yourself from these teachings and rules, liberate yourself from what your society tells you is the right way to live. This is not for you. You are beyond these limitations, my child. Do not let the fear of the collective, the fear of your ancestors, and the fear of your peers be a limitation for you.

Try to feel into who you are and what is your path, and do not immediately succumb to what others tell you is good and right. Others can not know this for you. How many times have you yourself wondered if you are doing the right thing, walking on the right path, or asking the right questions? Then how can you give away your power and believe that they will know what is right for you? How can they look into your soul and read your truth before you can? We tell you this, they cannot.

They can only see their own mirror image reflected back to them, and often times what they see is their own fears. When they look at you they see their fears and how you provoke them, they see how you could be to soothe their fears, and they see how much easier it would be for them if you changed. Do not let their fears move you from your path.

Only you can feel the truth of your path, and your path changes and moves as you walk it. No one, not even you, can see beyond the next corner. The path is created before you, step by step as you walk it, and no person or group can tell you where it will lead or where you should place your feet. Trust in your own path, and your life will be bliss.


Spiritual Guide


  1. Thank Astrid this is beautiful and needed! I love the joy and love in this message! The wonder! We are funny here and our conditioning and the deprogramming that is to be done.

    Saint Germaine is assisting me in focusing my thoughts on rejuvenation, vitality and strength of my body and let go all the rest. See this in the now.

    • Thanks so much, Isabelle 🙂 I decided to repost my old 2017 channeled messages and they are just as applicable today!

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