Transcript from Laurel Group Channeling Session:


You will begin to live more in unity and less in duality. You will let go of judging things as good or bad, and you will see that everything that you experience have both good and bad, because they are neither. And so you will let go of the duality thought, and you will enter into unity. Unity within yourself that all is good. There is nothing wrong you are united within yourself as a whole and complete loving being. And you will raise your perspective of yourself as perfect and complete, because of the unity. You will also experience unity with others around you, because you feel you no longer see the duality where one of you is good and right, and the other then is made bad because there has to be both.

You will now realize that there is only good, and that you are one with everything else. You will feel that connection that you are now currently seeking with others. You will feel that love, that unconditional love that you are now able to feel for yourself, will be reflected to you from the unconditional love that you receive from others who are also living in this unity consciousness. So the love that you feel will be expanded but also reflected. And the unity consciousness will expand and include all other beings in your reality, which will at this point also include other races such as aliens or fairies, or beings that do not have a body. You will come to include your love and your feeling of connection and unity, with all physical and non-physical beings. And you will not even notice that you’re ascending, because you will already be living in pure bliss and joy. And so this unity will increase the feeling of love, because you will be able to feel the love and acceptance from everyone around you. That will open up to more of this feeling of love and connection, and unity within yourself. And as you ascend you become the ascended. And once you’re on the other side you can start over again on another expansion into another life, into another journey. As you have already ascended once before, many times before, but now you’re living as the ascended, and so where’s the thrill in that? Because you start over again.


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