When you feel an urge to do something it is because you feel fear. In a way this urge is also a messenger of love. Love wants you to become aware of the fear, so you can process it and move past it. In this way, both inspiration and urges are messengers of love, trying to move you to where you will be when your desires manifest into your now moment.

To be able to feel inspiration you need to have a fairly relaxed mind and body. You need to be able to recognize the inspiration for what it is. You are always receiving these inspired thoughts but you are not always in a state of mind to pick up on it. Sometimes you are too busy worrying about the future, and so you don’t hear the whispers of your soul trying to move you in one direction. Sometimes you are too worried about things you said or did in the past, and your focus is on all that is wrong. This makes so much noise in your head that you cannot hear the whispers of inspiration.

Inspiration can be subtle at first. The more you ignore the inspiration the stronger it gets. At some point it might even feel like an urge, because of the internal pressure inside of you. The part of you that has a higher perspective and feels no fear is pushing you to follow the inspiration. The part of you that feels fear is resisting the inspiration, trying to tune out. These two parts of you are literally fighting inside of you. At some point the pain of not following your inspiration will be worse than the pain of ignoring it, and so you act. The result of your action may or may not be as you expected, all depending on your expectations and your state of mind when acting. What is important to remember is that this action will always be for your good. You are always acting in line with your inner desires. You never ever do anything wrong. You can go the straight path or the path that curves and has bumps and hills, but you are always moving closer to your desires. There is no going back. If you have too much fear and you end up taking the bumpy road, this just means that you needed the path with a few more manifestation events. That is all the bumps really are: events to help you process the fears you are still holding on to. See it as some extra help on your way. Nothing more dramatic then that.

Following inspiration will not always feel like bliss. You can follow inspiration and still feel fear, and still be faced with a reflection of your limiting beliefs. The belief that inspiration leads to complete bliss is in itself a limiting belief. This would make you believe that every negative experience was a result of a wrong turn, or an urge. This is not true. Inspiration leads you in the right direction. How you deal with and what you feel when dealing with the events that occur on this path is based on your level of fear. You can be on your path following inspiration and still feel fear. It is still the path leading to the fulfillment of your desires.

Urges are felt strongly because they are intended to alarm you. They are intended to warn you there is something for you to deal with. The system is created so that you notice these signs of fear. It is intended to be uncomfortable, and it is intended to be so uncomfortable that you notice it and deal with it.
Some roads have little bumps on the sides, so that if you lose concentration and go outside of the road you will feel the change and steer back onto the straight track. All for your safety. If you ignore the bumps and drive further off you might hit a tree. This is a good sign that you are off track and want to change your course. If you drive off the road and down a cliff, well that is also a sign that next time pay more attention to where you are going. But first you will get a slight scare as you feel the tiny bumps as you go slightly off route. The first signs are always subtle. By the time you feel a strong urge you have already ignored several signs of discomfort. The urge is now telling you it’s time to focus.

All in all the system works splendidly. How you react to positive or negative emotions is all up to you. Many of you react more strongly to negative emotions because you have so many beliefs tied into feeling bad. You believe feeling some form of fear is a sign that you have done something wrong, which again you interpret to be proof that you are bad.
This means that all negative emotions have so many fears attached, and a triggering of one fear will bring an avalanche of other fears. So the urges may be felt more intensely.
Try to remember that peace is also a positive feeling. Not only exhilarated bliss is joy. Learn to be aware of when there is an absence of negative emotions. This is to be appreciated as well. Most of your lives have been run by fear, and trying to avoid pain. So you are more tuned into feeling for fear so you can avoid it. We suggest practicing tuning into love, peace, enjoyment, joy, happiness. Practice reaching for these feelings and allowing them to stay for a while. This way inspiration is easier to pick up on, and you don’t have to wait until the pressure kills you before you act. It is all a matter of practice. Practice and intention. Play the game.


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