Into the great unknown you go. Because it truly is great, and your future moments are always unknown. When you have a steady job, a home you own, and a relationship agreed upon in front of God and signed before the state, you believe you can predict your future. You believe you can know what is coming. You feel safe and secure, knowing what you have planned and are expecting will indeed occur as you predicted.

What a joke!

Your future is just as much in the unknown when you plan ahead, as when you live moment by moment. No mortgage or wedding certificate or permanent employment has anything to say when the forces of the Universe are in action. The security that you feel from having a permanent job is an illusion. Anything and everything can happen at any moment, and it usually does too. None of you could have predicted the way things have turned out. None of you can predict the way things will turn out. You lull yourself into a feeling of safety by planning, believing that through planning you are securing your future self from any uncomfortable surprises. You believe through planning and writing contracts you can control how your life unfolds. Again: what a joke!

The only way you can control your life to any degree is through your vibration. That is where your and security lies. Your security comes from being a part of the One, Source, Love. You are the forces that create life. You are it.

The way you create is through vibrating. You create all the time, constantly. There is no turning off your creative powers. In every moment of your existence you are creating. This may not occur to you, as you have a habit of vibrating very similarly from one moment to another. Your reality seems to be very similar from one day to another. You seem to be very much the same person from one day to another. But you are not the same, and your reality is not the same. In every moment you vibrate, and this vibration creates something. From one moment to another there is a slight change in this vibration that is you. Why? Because in every moment you expand. Some days you expand a lot, other days just a little. But there is always change. Always. This change within you is a change in vibration. The change of vibration within you creates a ripple effect in the reality that you are constantly re-creating around you. As you change, so does the world you live in.

You can consciously change your vibration to create a reality more in tune with what you desire to live. This part is within your control. You cannot dictate exactly what this vibration that is you, will attract and create. You can vibrate more joy and create something that brings you joy, such as a perfect cupcake. Or you can vibrate joy and create a new house, or a new joy filled relationship. Your creations will be the essence of the feeling you are vibrating, but you cannot control the exact outcome that is created. That is the whole point of your creations, that it is a surprise to you. So when you try to control your creations through a mental image of what you want, you are wasting energy. It will never be exactly as you imagine, because your vibration will shift and change as you create. This means that up until the second your creation comes alive for you, you will change the vibration of yourself and of the creation. Your mental capacity for imagining is simply not able to keep up with your creative forces, so the creation will be a step ahead of your mental capacity to imagine your creation.

That is one reason why we suggest you spend less time imagining your future, and more time focusing on the now moment. You can never control the future outcome, but you can control your current vibration. Every moment is a new creative moment, and every moment is a fresh vibration. There is always some change in your vibration. If you focus on what you are being in every moment, you can align your vibration in the direction that you desire to go. Through your alignment to the feelings you want to live, you set your intention of how you want to experience your path. The path will be influenced by your pre-birth intentions and your purpose of exploration, but the way you experience this journey on your path is dictated by your vibration. Your focus dictates your vibrational direction. Choose your focus and you choose your future experiences. In every moment of focus you raise your ability to align to this specific direction. After a while of practicing your focus in one specific vibrational direction, you will be able to keep this vibration with much more ease. It is like growing a muscle. You choose which muscle to grow, and you focus on this muscle and practice using it. Day by day this muscle grows stronger and bigger, and after a while your muscle is strong enough for you to use it without any fatigue or strain. You use it with ease.

Train your focus in the general direction of where you want to be. If you want to feel safe, focus on the things that make you feel safe in this now moment. Not the lack of those things, but the things that are actually in your life right now. Focus on those things and how you feel. After a while this has become a part of your vibration, and you vibrate at this level without so much focus. Next you might add in abundance. Find the things in this now moment that give you the feeling of abundance. Not the lack of abundance, or what you wish you had, but the things that actually are here in your life now. Feel your abundance. Focus on it. After a while you vibrate this abundance without having to keep your focus on it. It has become a part of your overall vibration.

Your focus in this now moment creates your future. If you can keep your focus on this vibration for a while, it will become a part of your vibration and you will keep creating this vibrational reflection in your future. This is how you control your future. This is how you consciously create your experience of your path. This is how you master this physical reality. This is how you live as the force that you are. You are the Creator.


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