Your vibration controls it all. Your vibration is made up of your ego, who you are today, your experiences in the past, your desires for the future, but also your inner being, who you truly are. It is also made up of your blueprint and your intentions for this life. Your life task or your life purpose, your mission if you like. All of the intentions that you have brought with you from the non-physical, from past lives, from parallel lives, the desires that you have, that you are carrying within your soul, within your inner being, within your higher self. They are also part of your vibration. Your ego is the level of fear that is encircling the love that you are. That is also a part of the vibration.

Your inner being, your soul, is the one that guides, that sets the path for where you are supposed to go in this life. As the person you are, the mixing of your ego, the personality, experiences from the past, desires for the future, feelings in the moment, memories, and your soul; as this mixed being of you, walks on this path, your inner being attracts through your vibration. Your inner being attracts things to happen in your life so that you can be guided or controlled by yourself, by your inner being to walk through these experiences.

Experiences that you need to have based on what your inner being wants. The experiences that you need to have in order to shape you to the person that you are going to become. These experiences will give you life lessons, will help shape your beliefs, will help shape your fears and your love to such a degree that you will be able to meet the next experience on your path. As each experience shapes you, you are being created into someone that is different than you were in the previous moment. In each moment you are being shaped and changed into someone new. As you become this new you, your vibration changes. In every moment your soul is seeing how your vibration changes, and is. at all times throwing new experiences at you. Your soul is picking from the potential based on how you react to every single situation, and your soul is attracting in new things to help you experience, to help shape you, so that you will stay on the path.

Your soul will never really know how you’re going to react. Your soul will believe or guess, but you can never really know how the ego in this mix is going to react at every step of the way. But as your vibration changes, you and your soul attracts new potential into your life. Based on this attraction you are then guided to experience certain things. So as you’re being shaped, all parts of the energy that is you, that is so much bigger than just the human you, it is everything that is happening in your reality.

This energy changes to adapt to your vibration. The more you become love and less fear, the more you allow in love, and the potential will be of more love. Your soul can then guide you on this path where your experiences will be more love, because you have let go of more and more fear in your previous versions, your previous dimensions. This is the game. This is the path where you as the ego and also you the soul, and everyone on the non-physical side, where everyone is helping to attract into your universe based on your perception. Everyone is helping you to attract what you need to experience in order to become who you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Because the goal has already been set in intention. It’s not a shape that is already cut in stone, and it is not already already completed, but there is an intention. So there is like a shadow. There is an image of who you want to be in this life. There are certain intentions for what you want to experience. As it has not yet happened there is never a complete image to reach towards, but there is always a shape, a shadow to to walk towards. The more you move towards this shadow, the clearer it will become. The light that you are today will shine upon this shadow, and it will make it more into a real shape. Until the moment where you finally become who you are meant to be. And this light from who you are today completely lights up who you will become. And you shift into this dimension and you fill this shape of light with your being, so that you become who you were always meant to be.


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