In order to truly receive you have to believe you are worthy of it. You have to let go of the resistance to receiving, all the beliefs that hold you back from allowing yourself to accept the things you desire.

You also have to recognize that you are receiving what you desire. You will receive it anyways, as you do all day and every day, but to truly receive means to be aware of receiving, and that takes recognition of both your desires and the recognition of the physical manifestation that is a match to your desire. So many times you will receive a physical manifestation, but you will not recognize it, because you are not aware of what you are vibrating. If you are feeling like you do not have enough money, you are vibrating lack. You desire money, but vibrate lack. What you then receive will be a mix of your desire-vibration and the lack-vibration of “I don’t have enough”. So you receive maybe a small amount of money. You are receiving exactly what you have asked for, but because you are not aware of your vibration, you believe you are not receiving.

When you are receptive on a deep level, you accept all as it is. You accept yourself, you accept your reality as it is now, and you accept all others as they are. You understand that everything you need, is manifested right here for you. You understand that even if some things are not exactly as you wish for, that they are somehow perfect for your expansion and the answers you seek. So many of your answers are given to you not through words, but through the manifestations of things and situations in your reality. So many answers and replies to both questions and desires, will come to you through the people in your reality. What you need to learn, to let go of, to love, it is all represented by the reality you live in, in this moment. Everything you seek is right there in front of you, in the people and experiences that exist in your reality. If you cannot see how it is exactly what you need, that is just because you have not yet shifted your perception to see it’s perfection. As you accept that your answers are there already, in this now reality that has manifested for you, you can shift your perception and look for those clues, those answers, instead of insisting they are not there. As you accept that all you need is right in front of you, you shift your perception from lack and need, from asking, to receiving. With a vibration of receiving, you will be able to see what the answers truly are. And it will be the most natural thing in the world, right there, in front of you.

To be receptive is to be open. To be open to all avenues of receiving, even the ones you cannot yet see or know about. To be open to the fact that all change is good, that all change is there to bring you what you have asked for, even when it seems the exact opposite. In this openness you once again allow the Universe to surprise you, and to bring you what you need, at the right moment for you. That openness also means to be open to the greater wisdom of a Universe that knows a better way than the way you cling to. The universe in it’s infinite wisdom knows the perfect time to give you what you have asked for, and that might be a bit later than you desire. So trust that if it is not here yet, it is because you are not ready for it. You are always receiving what you need, what is for your highest good. So if something is not there, it means it would not be for your highest good to receive it at this time. Trust, and accept that all is perfect.

To be receptive on a deep level means to know that you are worthy of it all. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of all expressions of that love, be it money or people or experiences that you dream of. You are worthy of health and joy, and all the things you so desire. You need to understand that you are worthy of all of this, not because you have earned it, but because you are. You exist, and so you are worthy. You are the same energy that creates all the experiences you dream of, and there is no lack anywhere in this energy. This energy is limitless, endless, and when you dream and desire you add to this energy, creating more and more from the energy that you are. So any manifestation of your desire is adding to the universal energy, rather than taking from it. The more you dream, the more you add to All That Is! You are the energy that creates, and you are the one who decides what to receive. It is all about YOU.

To receive is to allow yourself to be loved. The energy of All That Is has one purpose: to love, for that is what it is. You have one purpose above all: to love. As you allow yourself to receive, you act in alignment with love, with what and who you are. You receive love, to the love that you are, from the love that is your Source. To receive is to love, to allow yourself to be loved, and to be the love that you are, creating more love as you appreciate and accept what is being provided to you. You are One with All That Is. You are Love.


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