To be who you truly are. To live in love, being love, giving and receiving love. Your natural state of being is a being of love. You allow all your desires to come to you when you desire to, and you allow all things that come to you to be what you desire. You are in love with the moment, with who you are, with all those in your life exactly as they are, and you are in love with your life. Everything within you is love and so everything outside of you must reflect this love. You see your world for what it truly is: love. You see you for what you truly are and so all else reflects this love back to you.

In this state it truly does not matter what you are surrounded by, if it is war and terror or if it is your ultimate desires come true. You will see love and bliss and beauty either way. However, the reality you live in is governed by certain laws and these laws dictate that when living in bliss and complete acceptance, your reality will reflect this bliss and complete acceptance and so what happens is that your paradise is created. Your love attracts the creations that match your love. You will create only what you perceive as love, and this reality will in your perception be one to love.

You get to this state through acceptance of what is now. In this exact moment you are living a reflection of your current vibration. Some love and some resistance, a mix of a whole bunch of conflicting emotions and beliefs. At any given time you are both attracting and resisting your desires, and the push and pull is a constant fight within you. This results in a reality of what to you will have both wanted and unwanted things. To have only wanted things, you must see only wanted things.

Your power is the power of focus. This power of focus allows you to transform your creation. Your creation is your world and the human you are presenting to the world. Your focus will dictate what you are able to create, both in the form of yourself and the form of the world outside of you. When you use the power, the energy within you to focus on that which pleases you, you are living in alignment with your powers. You have powers of creation. You cannot help but create. You will create no matter what. When you are able to focus this power of creation on that which you desire to see fulfilled into physicality, you will be aligned with your powers. Living in alignment with your powers means to use your power of creation to create the life you desire to live. In all sections of your existence.

You desire relationships and connections, some level of material comforts, health and body image, experiences within and of a physical dimension, and you desire certain feelings. All of this is created by you, through your powers of creation. It can either be in alignment with your desires or it can be in alignment with your fears. When you are creating in alignment with your fears there is a misalignment of your power. It is diluted. This is a good thing, or your fear creations would be much much worse. Fear is also a power, but your love power is much greater in energy and force, meaning your creations born in love will always be larger than those born in fear. Using your powers in alignment with your desires is using your powers of love. Creating from love, from an alignment with the love that you are, is the ultimate power. This is limitless, endless power. Power beyond what you can imagine. It cannot be controlled. You create from love and this force spirals on and creates more and more love. The creation is endless. Your alignment with your power (this power/energy is love) creates life itself. Your alignment with your power is the execution of your Divinity. There is no force to match it. You are love, and when you align yourself to match the energy of love, you are unstoppable, limitless, Divine Creator.


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