Q/A about a good date that led to rejection:

Dear friend,

Who you are is perfect. You are complete. This belief that how others react to you somehow defines you, is an illusion. How he feels about you is all about him. If you trigger fear in him, that is about him. How you react to his reaction, now that is all about you. Isn’t it interesting that after all this time you are still focused on this feeling of rejection? Isn’t it interesting that instead of it being a fond memory where you think back to that magical night of love and appreciation, you think back to the later moments where you felt rejection. You choose to focus on those moments where you were not getting what you wanted. You choose to focus on those moments where he pointed out to you your own self doubts. You could have focused on the night where he said all those nice things about you. You could have cherished those memories as the truth about how wonderful and attractive you are. Instead you focus on the moments of emotional pain, where your self doubts were reflected back to you.

You believe you are never really enough. Sure, you are good enough for that first attraction, but when it moves beyond that and they see you for who you really are, then they lose interest. You see this reflection because you believe you are not enough. You see this reflection so that you can fix this belief. In this instance your ego is reminding you of your perceived failure so that you can avoid it happening again. In order to protect you from future pain, a part of you is keeping this memory alive in your mind, playing this recording over and over until it becomes a new and enforced belief: I must not trust men when they tell me they love me. I must not allow myself to believe I am good enough. I must not fall for the stupid thoughts of finally being good enough. I must not allow myself to accept myself, because when the outside conditions conflict with my acceptance, I am proven wrong in believing I am good, and proven right in my doubts of my worthiness. So better to stay in pain and not have to go through the disappointment of being rejected.

These beliefs are false. They are part of the illusion. Your inner being is keeping you in a state of pain when you look back on the incident in this way, so that you can realize that you are indeed wonderful and good enough. This pain is a reaction to the false belief that you are somehow anything but perfect. This incident is here to reflect this limitation to you so that you can become aware of it and change it. That is all it is. A sign, a friendly reminder that you are not seeing yourself as the wonder and the perfection that you are.

When you first interacted with this guy you felt hopeful and good about yourself. You attracted his appreciation. After your encounter you allowed in doubt, and this self doubt is what has to go. To help you let go of this doubt and realize your perfection, the Universe orchestrated this event of perceived rejection so that you can change your beliefs about who you really are. This perceived rejection was created for you to shock yourself into seeing the wrong in your own self doubt. You are enough. How could the perfection of Source, of perfect and complete love manifested through the being that is you, not be enough? There is nothing or no one more perfect, worthy, or more complete than you. You are the very image and creation of perfection and love manifested into physicality. You are the very thing that proves that God is real. You are God. You are enough.

Until you accept yourself as worthy of love, you will be presented with experiences like this one. Until you accept and love yourself, until you provide yourself with the love you are seeking in others, you will never receive the outside reflection of being worthy of love. The love you seek is your own. The love you need is your own. The love from your outside world, from others in your reality, will only be a reflection of the love you give to yourself. The reflection will always be a pale comparison to the love you feel within you, no matter how amazing it might feel to be adored by someone else. The love that comes from you and to you is the nourishment that you seek, and that will always be the most powerful force in your reality. What you seek is always within you, and everything that is outside of you can only be a reflection of that. Accept yourself, as you are the image of perfection. Allow yourself to be the receiver of the most powerful force in your reality. Allow yourself to love who you are in this moment, because you are in every way deserving of your own love. Your ability to love is endless in capacity, and limitless in is acceptance, and all you desire to receive in your life is coming from this inner source of love. You are what you seek, in every way and in every moment. Allow yourself to receive the blessing of your own love, for you are truly worthy of it. You are the Love you long for.


Spiritual Guide

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