When these portals of light open it is always a fluid movement. The portal is fully open on the 11/11, but started coming in a few days before that. It is more of an increase in light, as opposed to an on/off button. The portal that expanded it’s stream of light onto Gaia and Humanity on the 11/11 is continuing to shine in order to help the ascension process. This portal brings intense light, clarity, remembering, and love energy to the collective. This increased light and love energy is focused on the heart area, and goes up to the third eye and the top chakra above your head. It creates a deeper connection between your heart and the remembering of the knowledge that is within you. It helps you feel the knowledge, to integrate the wisdom into your heart, not just from a theoretical perspective but from the perspective of a loving heart who feels the truth of what you are. You will be able to feel more of what is going on, a clarity that is not only through eyes and mental capacity, but also from the deeper understanding that comes from your heart.

As you increase your ability to understand from your heart center, you also increase your capacity for love. This includes loving others and loving yourself, as you cannot separate the two. Living from and with this increased heart center allows you to feel into what is truth or not, with more ease and a lot quicker than before. You will instantly be able to recognize what rings true for you, what is aligned with your inner truth, from how you feel in your heart center. Your feelings of love will be felt more intensely and you will be able to feel with more depth. This is simply an expansion of the one you are. The energies coming in are allowing and helping you to be more of what you already are. The fact that these energies are intensified on these dates, is all by design. If you did not have time as a part of your illusion, the energies would still be felt by the collective at the same time, you just would not be linking them to a certain number. Now that you do have numbers linked to time, it allows the collective to anticipate and get ready for the heightened energies. The anticipation helps you to open up to more energy, and to receive the energies with less fear, because the increase in energy is expected at these numerical dates. The increase in energy is in alignment with the collective readiness at this time, and in alignment with the Divine Plan for ascension of All That Is.

As you align yourself with the energies coming in, you will feel shifts and symptoms emotionally and physically. You are going through great changes, both consciously as you actively change your beliefs, and subconsciously as you allow in more light, and let go of denser energies within you that are not aligned with this new influx of love and light. This can bring up fear. Even though you cannot pinpoint the reason why you are feeling fear, you can recognize the feeling of fear. Know that this is part of the process. When you are consciously changing your beliefs to let go of fear, you will have a cognitive understanding of why you feel fear. During times when you get additional support from incoming energies, these processes might be shortcut and you let go of fear without knowing exactly what and why you are doing this. The incoming light forces fear to the surface, and even though you do not know exactly which fear is coming up to be processed, you still do need to feel the fear as it flows through you. Everything that you let go of, everything that comes in to or out of your field of energy, has to be felt by you. That is a part of the human contract, to feel your way through life. So as these heightened energies help you let go of fear, the fear needs to be felt by you on it’s way out of your body and energy field.

This might lead to unexplained periods of negative feelings, followed by unexplained joy or relief when the fear has left you. Relax and allow this to be. It is just another step in your expansion. Trust the Universe and the inner guidance that is coming your way. Know that you cannot make a mistake. You are taken care of, you are loved and supported. Everything is happening as you and Source intend it to happen, all aligned with the One Divine Plan, micro and macro.


Spiritual Guide

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